Soto Gombyang

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This afternoon there is an event in Semarang. Depart to Semarang passing the town of Pemalang. While resting for a while I stopped at the local food stall, Gombyang Pemalang.


I tasted Mr. Waridin Gombyang Rice. This is my first time tasting rice gombyang. It turns out delicious.


Pak Waridin gombyang rice is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto, Kebondalem, Bojongbata, Pemalang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. Gombyang rice, can be called Soto Gombyang. This is a typical food barrier. made from rice and beef.


Although the portion in my opinion is very small, served in a small bowl. in order to be full maybe ideally two servings. today I ate one serving supplemented with a glass of sweet tea.


The place is very large, there is large parking area, praying place, and toilet. This place is easy place as a rest area on the way if passing through the town of Pemalang.

Restaurant Information

Nasi Gombyang Pak Waridin
Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kebondalem, Bojongbata, Kec. Pemalang, Kabupaten Pemalang, Jawa Tengah 52319, Indonesia

Soto Gombyang
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