Fried Rice of Tegal City

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There is a vendor of Fried Rice near crossroad of Kedungmalang Village. Precisely in Jalan Sunan Ampel, Sidamulya, Kedungmalang,, Central Java, Indonesia.


The vendor name is Nasi Goreng Tegal of Mr Mono. This is my first time I taste of Fried Rice in this place.


Apparently it feels so tasty and delicious too. With the price just only 12.000 rupiah, the foods is recomended.


The place is not large. Fried Rice of Mr. Mono is a part of Street Food. But, as a local dish, Nasi Goreng is a popular food in my place. We easy found this kind of food. And that give to as many variously of Fried Rice. And Fried Rice of Tegal Characteristic presented by Mr Mono is one place, special place to be tasted.


Restaurant Information

Nasi Goreng Tegal
Jl. Sunan Ampel No.perempatan, Sidamulya, Kedungmalang, Kec. Sumbang, Kabupaten Banyumas, Jawa Tengah 53183, Indonesia

Fried Rice of Tegal City
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Fried rice is a tasty food.
Thanks for sharing

Thank you fir the support :)

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Fried fav!

😊 Thank you for the support :)