Ayam Kepruuk

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Tonight I am and my daughter, we are looking for side dishes. Looking for dinner. And tonight my daughter asked for a crispy chicken menu.


So the choice is directed to the Ayam Kepruuk d'pasto. A vendor of crispy chicken that is a favorite.


With the motto "Uji Level Pedasmu!" meaning to test of your spicy level!


Ayam Kepruuk d'pasto offers a crispy chicken menu in various prices. Two crispy chicken menus are available: Ayam Kepruuk and Fried Chicken.


Crispy chicken prices range from 4500 rupiah to 9500 rupiah. There are even topping options too.


Ayam kepruk d'pasto is located in: Dusun V, Seberang Alfamart, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java, Indonesia


The chicken menu in this place is very crispy and tasty and there are spicy choices too.

Restaurant Information

Ayam Kepruuk d'Pasto
Komplek Pasar Kutasari Jl. Raya Tobong Kutasari, Dusun V, Seberang Alfamart, Kutasari, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53361, Indonesia

Ayam Kepruuk
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