Taste of Mrs. Maryati 's Food

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Today, I Will share my experience of the Foods from Mrs. Maryati Food Court. A Small and Traditional Restaurant. But, the cuisine in this place is very tasty and delicious.


Griya Dhahar Bu Maryati. Griya Dhahar is javanese language mean : House of Eat. Similary Warung Makan in Indonesia. Mrs. Maryati Food Court located near from main road, so this place easy to be found.


There are many variously menus offered in this place. From Vegetables until meat. We can find local dishes too in this place, and so Snacks.


About the price, that is cheap I think depending the menus we choose. I taste of Eggs and some dishes, like potato soup and other vegetables.


Restaurant Information

Griya Dhahar Bu Maryati
Dusun IV, Kutasari, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Taste of Mrs. Maryati 's Food
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