Server Maintenance Completed!

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The server maintenance of my main dedicated server has completed and while a few follow up tests have yet to be performed glad to report that the updates and restart has gone off with no errors., and the other services hosted on this server have been restored and with that focus shifts back onto Hive.Loans development which sort of fell to the sidelines over last week as was taking some personal mental health time away from the screen.

In addition to the server maintenance going smoothly also quite excited to announce that the folks over at have allowed me to purchase the web server outright on a monthly lay away plan as well as given me permission to have hardware updates installed on the box, meaning that in the near future a few terabytes of Samsung NVME memory modules should make their way into the box allowing for perhaps in the future a HIVE Full API Node might find itself living on my own little cloud.

I'd like to thank everyone who uses my web applications and apologize for the downtime today. Server response time and usage appear to be far healthier than they were before the update and reboot so hoping that this upkeep will help with connectivity and latency issues some users were reporting across the web services offered from this box.

If you run into any issues or need to get ahold of me use the comments below, the discord or come pop into the chat of the various applications and tag me with an @ symbol. Have a gooder!


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