Doing Some Server Maintenance on / Hive.Loans / / Other KLYE Sites Today.. Starting Shortly.

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After a number of reports to do with bad TLS handshakes and some other random shit going on coupled with the server hosting them being up for the greater part of 233 days the web server (and it's sister site) will be going down for a while to get the server restarted and updated. Been putting this off for a while now but it appears now is the time. Hoping the server will be running a little smoother after a restart and update. Had been delaying it as a bunch of the services run off the main dedicated server that @someguy123 has been very generous to allow me to use for the past years on a lend / lease type setup might not be simple restarts..

This will all be addressed today but expect some service outages as restarts are performed and all the servers systems are updated and brought back online. Having a dedicated server running for over 225 days without incident is a testament to the high quality servers available through and I highly recommend them for both your VPS and Dedicated server needs.

Downtime for and it's sister site is estimated at an hour or two at most, although this is only an estimate and the downtime for maintenance may be far greater or less depending on how the restart and updating goes. I will make a post when the services have been re-instated and are running properly. All funds hosted on the server and it's accounts will be kept safe.


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