#STWT Show 204: The Belt and Road to an Automated Hell World Order

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#STWT Show 204: The Belt and Road to an Automated Hell World Order

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This is #STWT show 204 weekly live show “Sailing the Waters Together”, where we break down the most important news topics of the past week. Tonight’s show we discussed many a topic that the pirate crew has dug up from the depths of the digital sea.

We first discussed the Epstein ring getting off the hook again. Ghislaine Maxwell has filed for a retrial, Prince Andrew settled out of court and none of the criminals other than Ghislaine are in jail. These same mobsters are connected to the fall of the west and the clown world status that we also discussed at the beginning of the show.

Then we deep dove the continued development of the smart city automated hellscape that is the new Belt and Road world order. The advancement of robotics for civilian and military applications and how Israel is one of the leading nations in this field was all discussed. The assassination of an Iranian Nuclear engineer by Israeli Sniper drone mounted in a car was also discussed as it sets a new precedent for assassinations by robots.

The Ukraine conflict was discussed, and how the bankers are using this to potentially disband NATO and bring forth a new EU Army that is partially controlled by Russia and the EU. They want this new EU Army to shore up the European Superstate as part of the new BRI Superstate. The Bankers are reshaping the world to the Digital Hell, the Belt and Road Highway to Hell.

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In fact, Israel is the country which rules the world.

The Ukraine conflict has been created to increase the enerrgy prices much more up. This serves the purposes of both Russia and European countries.

Joe Biden and Friends also have an interest in foreign oil prices rising. You may recall the Biden family and friends Burisma Holdings. A whole bunch of gold went to the US and is lost somewhere. Perhaps, under Biden's mattress (https://clintonfoundationtimeline.com/tags/burisima-holdings/). For every 10 barrels of oil on the market, Russia has 1. If the US would once again go ENERGY Independent, Russia's would get hit with the oil exchanges. Take a look at the Shady Burisma deals in the link above

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