#STWT 247: The Endless Banker War in the Ukraine, and the Endless Fake Alt Media Network

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#STWT 247: The Endless Banker War in the Ukraine, and the Endless Fake Alt Media Network


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This is #STWT show number 247, during which we went over the most important news of the past few days. We started the show off with some fixings, terminal list, the FBI being useless, Elon Musk brain chips for ocular pat-downs and secret Ice Ages that Musk and Trump know about. Then we dove back to reality.

The Banksters and their puppets were fully exposed. The WEF wants to control you and your life but does not want your feedback. The BIS Bank of International Settlements is one of them banking cartel assets. CBDC’s are incoming, Jacinda Arden is out. Yuval Hariri’s make more isnane predictions, and Siemens AG CEO wants the world to stop eating meat at the same time advocates for the Chinese Belt and Road.

The War in Ukraine is a banker war and has been extended with tanks being added to the mix in few months. Coach Red Pill is still wrong about the war ending in August. Ukraine got caught in a corruption scandal, that everyone saw coming. NATO is being accused of declaring WW3. Bradley Fighting vehicles and T-72’s have already been delivered to Ukraine. Is NATO putting a fork into the Multi Polar World Order? Is Elon Musks’ starlink the new face of warfare? I also addressed some larpers and some psyops.

Artificial Smart City Gulags, and the coming robot takeover were discussed. The foreign infiltration into the USA by Israel was discussed. Dan Crenshaw and Speaker McCarthy both guilty.

Next was a segment on the IIA cross promotion networks. We covered Kissinger and associates. Tucker Carlson working for Rupert Murdoch. Candance Owens and Steven Crower fighting. Project Veritas big huge internet breaking nothing. Ben Shapiru’s orgin story. Brendon Occonnell versus Whitney Webb. Jason Scoop comedy etc.

Then we left YouTube to cover the latest in the Corona Chan nonsense. Including Damar Hamlin, Pfizer CEO, Bill Gates, Mutating Rona, cringe takes on the jab, and Salty Cracker.

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