#STWT 224 Show Segment: Israel Banning Cash, NEOM and UN Smart City Digital Gulags

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#STWT 224 Show Segment: Israel Banning Cash, NEOM and UN Smart City Digital Gulags


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This segment of #STWT show 224, I went over the mark of the beast system being implemented. First Israel has started to ban large cash transactions making them illegal and forcing people to perform the transactions digitally. Second we went over how NEOM is a large part of the new silk road aka The Belt and Road Initiative, and how NEOM's "The Line" is a perfect example of a UN Smart City gulag.

See the full show here: https://hive.blog/stwt/@titusfrost/stwt-show-224-a-banker-fed-dragon-rises-in-the-east-to-devour-taiwan-and-alt-media-shills

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