Show Notes for: #STWT Show 204: The Belt and Road to an Automated Hell World Order

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Show Notes for: #STWT Show 204: The Belt and Road to an Automated Hell World Order

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Show Notes:

Black Sam Bellamy:

Documentary Inbound:


The Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power:

The Silmarillion:

Big news Matrix related:

Old interview:

Create a Hive Account:

Valentine's day Romance:

Epstein News:

Prince Andrew settles with abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre | DW News

Rewards Program:

Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers ask judge to vacate her guilty verdict on sex-trafficking charges:

Clown World "controlled demo of the west":

The Plan:

Psyoped self hating people:

Eminem's "kneel":

The "Durham Filing" ... Nothing Burger:

Book Burning:

Blockades and Crypto:

Russia and $BTC:

Crypto Currency take may be correct, but also incorrect...

Emergencies act:

Nazi's inbound:

Stop Honking:

Belt and Road to Automated Robot Hell:

China praises 'innovation cooperation' with Israel on 30th anniversary of ties:

YouTube’s Olympics Highlights Are Riddled With Propaganda:

Iraq and the Belt and Road:

Russia and China and Israel versus the west:

Israel Police Pegasus surveillance list revealed:,7340,L-3928830,00.html

Large war, reshaping Europe's defenses:

Russia to Invade Ukraine:

Russian Propaganda / Military Overview film:

Tulsi and Tucker:

Tulsi Gabbard WEF Forum leader:

More WEF propaganda this time from Tucker and Tulsi:

Introducing Stretch:

FAR Robot Israeli fruit picker:

Automated Truck Hell:

The future is here thanks to Israel:

ABB Robotics:

World Robot Expo in China:

A new AI, Space and Robotic Cold War:

Starlink and Geo storm:

A Black Hawk helicopter flew for the first time without pilots:

Israel robot border patrol:

Already in Use, Mossad's killer robot:

The Jackal scene:

China Unveils ‘World’s Largest’ Quadruped Military Robot:

Top 10 Military Robotics Companies In The World:

China steals Space X tech:

Chinese Space "Cleaner" SJ-21:

China's Space Navy and Russia and Space:

China’s Space Program Is More Military Than You Might Think:

U.S. Space Force general warns of China's growing military space potential:


Corona Chan Man:

NIH required EcoHealth to produce records by 11/19/2021. When EcoHealth failed to produce records, NIH gave EcoHealth a new deadline of 01/14/2022.

Today, one month after the second deadline, there still is no word on whether EcoHealth produced records.:

Questions for Fauci:

Blood Pressure can change:

VAIDS Larper of the year 2021:

Predict Twitter:

Predict USAID:


Protest and we can freeze your assets:


End of Show:

Until We Meet Again:


Good show.