FBI are CryptoCurrency Hackers? Owen Benjamin, Truth, Corona & More...

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FBI are CryptoCurrency Hackers? Owen Benjamin, Truth, Corona & More...


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This was an impromptu #STWT show from the road. I took calls at the end and we went over a whole bunch of news topics before hand. Macron got slapped in the face, I talk about the "WarZone" known as Chicago. Went over some clown world stuff such as a super racist anti white professor, the authorized nature of some YouTubers such as Shaun Attwood or Ryan Long, when I have been banned from 7 YouTube channels these clowns are still monetized. I then discussed the ongoing war in the Middle East fro Israel and the powers that should not be. The explosions in Iran look like Microwave DEWs being used.

Then I went hard into Owen Benjamin because he is an absolute moron. He accused me of making some video that was not even me clearly, then bashed me for about twenty minutes on his stream for a video some other person made. It was one of the most epic fails of all time and I was banned from Owen's chat for it LULZ! Owen Benjamin cannot tell the difference between one person or the other, because he is such a Hollywood E celeb moron that he thinks he is better than everyone ELSE. So I went on to debunk the Flat Earth complete bullshit Owen spews, ships sail over the horizon and anyone can go to Antarctica and see the South Pole. Flat Earth is the dumbest shit of all time so naturally Owen promotes it.

Lastly before the phone calls we went over the Great Financial Reset and the move to Crypto Currency's by the big institutional money lenders. We are seeing the start of regulation for real and what will emerge is bankster blockchains such as ALGO, XRP and XLM. The opposite will also happen, as they clamp down more the more people will get financial privacy again with privacy coins. Monero and $ARRR Pirate Chain and the other privacy coins are going to be huge.

Final part of the show is call ins.

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/stwt/@titusfrost/stwt-178-show-notes-fbi-are-cryptocurrency-hackers-owen-benjamin-truth-corona-and-more

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