String theory

in #stringlast year

I had a doubt about the form of the base particle of string theory, I thought it cannot look like a string, because any structure has to start with a dot. however, when a dot is touched by a frequency a dot can convert into a string, which means string theory makes sense. So when the dot might have turned into a string? when the big bang happened I guess, dots might have turned into strings, strings might have turned into some other forms so many particles might have formed, feels like when the big bang happened (if that's the final theory), the space-time, gravity, dimension, and radiation, also might have got created.
The two-particle collided and the created universe and spread in all directions like lotus ( which is in Hindus version also will make sense) or two universes collided am not sure or current version dense hot atmosphere created universe, however, 2 things collided, which makes sense because it will explain the radiation, and how frequency was created, or even how the dot might have turned into strings and how life also have been created. and the way Frequencies affect everything in the universe, for sure the base particle should be like a string, if it's not string then the effect of frequencies might have not been so powerful, frequencies can even change the form of the water or change the way brain works. what else with frequencies we can destroy anything let it be mountains or deactivate powerful weapons or use it as a powerful mass destruction weapon. so if the frequency has to access the space in such powerful ways, it needs a base particle that supports the flow of frequency so efficient and smooth flow it can happen only if the particle can interact with the frequency in the more efficient way it should be a string.