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This thing with Covid vaccines really is a huge concern! We had a guest from Geneva last week who came to be with his dying Mom (cancer not covid) and he's involved in testing and researching Covid; he said he will not have the vaccine until they've done more in depth testing.
How frightening when you hear about the clotting!
I must make time to read that article, sounds fascinating!
Re Covid, we keep on taking our prophylaxis and are careful but tired of doing nothing, although Mom's ankle fracture held us back a bit, we will take a break a little later in the year again. Meanwhile, we explore little places close by.
We all desperately need to get back to living life not so!


The J&J one is especially concerning. We discovered last night that someone we know personally developed blood clots 2-3 weeks after his vaccination and then we woke up to the news from the CDC. It's crazy that they're willing to experiment on the population like this.

The article is pretty fascinating. I've believed for a while that the universe is like one big neural net that we have the ability to tap into. This is hinting to the fact this might be the case. A musician friend of mine commented on the article with this...."I can observe this when playing in person with other musicians, as opposed to tracking on a recording of them in a studio situation where they aren't there. In the former case, when we're live together, I know exactly where they're going in terms of rhythm, dynamics and phrasing without even looking at them. We're connected.
In the latter, I have to concentrate mentally on the sound coming into my ears through the head phones. It's clearly an artificial, very self-conscious, purely intellectual effort. The intuitive connection is conspicuously missing."

Keeping taking good care of yourself! It seems like way have a ways to go before we're out of the woods.