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RE: Moon Race: The Story of One Crazy Design Contest

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Damn this is too old and back then the craze about space was next level

Every child was space nerd even now I'm one of them. I'm always watching sc-fi

Though recently watched "return from space" documentary and it was truly inspiring

Well curious for your next part, Glad i found you through dreemport.


Greetings, @idksamad78699,

Thanks for stopping in and reading. I'm glad you found me through dreemport too! I am also a big Sci-Fi fan, watching shows/movies and even more, reading the novels ever since early childhood...

Thank you also for mentioning that space documentary; I've looked it up on the web, watched the trailer and teasers, and am looking forward to watching the whole thing! Much appreciated!



I'm also Glad, Nice To meet you mate we're similar in Sc-Fi matter

Welcome bro, I'm always up to suggest space related movie/series/show.

You should also watch

  1. interstellar (Christopher Nolan masterpiece)
  2. The Silent Sea ( A Netflix series)

I'm sure you will love this too in case haven't watched it already.

Have A Good day & Weekend Ahead.