Encapsulating Mindful Moments. Welcome To My First Virtual Book Launch on CryptoVoxels!

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My friend and illustrator, @opheliafu, has been very hard at work these past few weeks. She’s been busy designing a gallery space on Cryptovoxels for the virtual launch of my book Mindful Moments.

Both of us are very excited to share this event we call Encapsulating Mindful Moments with you on Hive today.

Click Here To Explore Our Mindful Moments Virtual Gallery.

Browse our virtual space and enjoy some of Ophelia’s original illustrations paired with excerpts from the book. Mark the occasion because as you do so you may be taking part in history. This one of the first ever virtual book launches.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the launch date for NFTs (based on the book illustrations and quotes) on SuperRare very soon!

With Gratitude,


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I am an American novelist, poet, traveler, and crypto-enthusiast. If you’ve enjoyed my work please sign up for my author newsletter at my website. Newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive updates and special offers and your information will never be sold or shared.

Alarm Clock Dawn, one of the first full length novels published on the blockchain, and the book that started it all for me can be found HERE. Or Click Here to read it for free on the Steemit blockchain

My book on meditation, The Perfect Pause, is priced at $12.99 (paperback) and $4.99 (eBook). Buy the paperback and receive the eBook for free!

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Hello my friend, it's been a while. Oh wow finally. I love the virtual gallery, stunning and created a real life scenery. So how does this virtual launch really works? Like everyone will have a link to join in?

Hey man! Thank you! Yes, anyone with the link can take part. Once you click the link you can take a "walk" through and view the art as you would in a physical gallery. How have you been these past few months?

I've been in an out, my health challenges have been limiting me so far so I have no option but to take breaks, recover and we'll use the awful lots of medications at my disposal by all means.

I'll be waiting for the D day to come, it'll be amazing, Makes it easier than even a physical launch. I guess this is because of covid-19?

I'm sorry to hear about those health challenges! Be sure to take those breaks and take care of yourself.

This book launch has been super-challenging (like most things in 2020) because of COVID but we're trying to use as much flexibility and creativity as we can. Sales of the book have started well but we'll see how long that can be sustained.

I wish you a great Holiday my friend!

Hopefully, the sales can be sustained. It's great to see you striving past the challenges, covid-19 has affected me and other persons even more, the cost of living has tripled and all.

Do have a merry Christmas as well, cheers my friend

Thanks, I hope the people who need the book find it. We haven't felt the full impact of the financial troubles here yet but I think they'll be hitting next year. I hope things start to get better over there as the vaccines take hold!

I am pleasantly surprised with all the work @opheliafu has done, I have known her talent for a long time at Steemit and have always admired her. I was in the virtual gallery and I loved seeing the simple and elongated figures that she usually does. I really enjoyed seeing this great artist again. May everything continue well, dear friend, many successes. A hug.

Thank you @aurodivys, that is very kind of you to say.

hello dear friend @ericvancewalton good night
I am very happy for you dear friend, finally everything is going smoothly, you are very kind to invite us to visit the virual gallery, our friend @opheliafu has done a great job, it is good that you have done your illustrations with her.
congratulations dear friend.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night. Successes

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and the family my friend!

hello dear friend @ ericvancewalton good afternoon
have a beautiful good night and a merry christmas, a hug for you and a big love for your whole family

Incredible all the virtual presentation! I am really surprised. You have done an excellent job. I look at your book and I remember your father, who, wherever he is, must be proud of the work you have done and dedicated to him. As Christmas approaches, I hope you can be with your family and celebrate with them, despite all the vicissitudes you've had to go through this year. I hug you strongly, my friend, and thank you a million times for your permanent support.

Thanks! Ophelia did such a great job with it. Merry Christmas Nancy! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday.

@tipu curate

That is pretty awesome! Are you able to track how many unique visitors come to the space? I really like how it turned out. It seems to be a really great accompaniment to the actual book. I am going to re-hive your post so hopefully more people can get eyes on it.

Thanks and I appreciate you helping to get the word out! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m going to take a little more time to immerse myself in it. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Thanks! To you as well!

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