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My Wish

2020 has given us all plenty of time to reflect. It's forced us to be more resilient, creative, and patient. It has given us a push to be flexible, think outside of the box, and search for solutions in places we otherwise wouldn't have.

2021 will be a time for rebuilding, for healing, a time for remembering and honoring those love ones we’ve lost. It will be a time to identify and break the patterns in our lives that no longer serve us.

Hopefully, at some point in 2021, we’ll all be able to host huge mask-burning parties with lots of our friends as we celebrate a return to normalcy! That’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

After the horrifically challenging year we’ve all had, the single most important thing to focus on will be self-care. If you don’t take care of you, you can’t effectively take care of anyone or anything else. I wish you the courage to break those patterns that no longer serve you.

Self Care, An Excerpt from my new book, Mindful Moments.

“If we’re paying attention our minds and our bodies will give us clear signals when we’re taking on too much and sinking into that energy-deficit mode. It’s very important to be constantly mindful of the signals your mind and body are sending you. The signals can be easy to miss if you’re habitually distracted or not paying attention. If you are experiencing brain fog, feeling frazzled, sluggish, and/or irritable for long periods of time, chances are you need to take a pause in your day and recharge. These feelings of depletion are like our soul’s “check engine light” coming on and when that happens it’s wise to pay attention and make some time for self-care.

You may think taking time for yourself is selfish but it’s actually the opposite, it’s truly selfless. After all, it’s impossible to be the best versions of ourselves and help others when we’re constantly feeling physically drained and emotionally overwhelmed.

These moments of self care don’t need to be two-week long vacations in the tropics. Ideally, these moments of self care should be like tiny pause buttons in your day for you to press exactly whenever you need them and feel instant relief. They can also be inserted right into a specific part of your daily schedule when you know you feel regularly stressed, like immediately after you get home from work.

These pause buttons can be a variety of different things to different people – a secluded reading spot and twenty minutes alone with a good book, a drive in the car alone while listening to the radio, a workout, a walk in the woods, a long soak in a hot bath, a meditation session, or an hour long massage. Moments of self care are anything that gives your mind and body a few moments of pause to replenish, recalibrate, and renew your energy. We all have things that leave us feeling rejuvenated and it's up to you to identify what works best for you. This takes mindfulness.”

Happy Holidays to you all!

With Gratitude,


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My dear friend, so many things to tell you, that get stuck in my throat. Certainly this has been a year of strange struggles and many learnings. Of losses, but also of gains. We had to learn the good way and the bad way. I am sure that your father, wherever he is, looks at you and smiles. Your book closes a year in which you bet on constant work, on positive and possible thinking. From this little place in Venezuela I wish you a merry Christmas next to your family. I embrace you strongly in the distance

This was definitely a year none of us will soon forget! I really hope next year gets a little better each day. Thank you so much for all of the comments this past year. I hope Hive recovers in the coming year as well. Engagement has been dwindling, which is kind of common when the currency value drops. Merry Christmas my friend!

And what an absolutely horrible year it has been with overnight changes forced on us by politicians making crazy decisions and not listening to the right people! We learned many many lessons this year and you're so right, we had to think way outside the box. Our patience has worn thin and that's something I still have not learned!
Thank you for your encouragement always Eric, your writing certainly has helped many!
We are crazy busy here with our staff being on leave and family visiting and the thing I'm missing like crazy, is not having time to blog!!!
Chat again soon my friend but a BIG THANK YOU from me for your giving spirit wanting to help one and all with your writing!

You're welcome, Lizelle, and thank you for your friendship and the support you've given this year. I think we're far from being out of this crisis but, hopefully, things will improve little by little every day. I hope things settle down a bit for you there. If you're anything like me anxiety begins to set in if a blog doesn't get posted after about three or four days. I hope you have an amazing New Year! Take care.

hello dear friend @ericvancewalton good afternoon
How many truths you say, without a doubt it was a year of much learning, which will help us to face what is coming next year, I also wish that everything returns to normal and that we can enjoy the company of our loved ones
I really appreciate that you shared these thoughtful words
I take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas

Good afternoon! Thanks so much for all the support this year and Merry Christmas!

It is true, this year 2020 has made us more creative, 2021 will be our year of retribution. My best wishes, Merry Christmas!

Thank you! Merry Christmas!

we’ll all be able to host huge mask-burning parties with lots of our friends

I’ll bring the lighter fluid. 😄

It’s very important to be constantly mindful of the signals your mind and body are sending you.

So so true. It is amazing to me how efficient and particular our bodies are. We can pinpoint with incredible accuracy what is going on in our souls and thus our bodies if we take time to be still and listen. Grateful for your wisdom Eric. Merry Christmas to you my friend!

Oh, I can't wait, you'd better believe I'll be hoarding cans of lighter fluid for the momentous occasion. : ) You are right, our bodies are bellwethers for whatever is going on in our souls! That's why is so extremely important to pay attention. Thank you for the comment, I always enjoy hearing from you @lydon.sipe. Merry Christmas!