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RE: Moon Race: The Story of One Crazy Design Contest

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hehehehe well well well.... if it isn't my old friend (well, young friend - but long-lasting friendship) Mr. Duncan Palmer. LOLOLOLOL


and how does he choose to surprise me by being here???

by dropping his post into DreemPort for me to find! LOLOLOL

ok - i'm getting ready to walk out the door - so i'll have to come back to see if you answered again
but from what I see - you have images that are under fair use - are public domain - and are all able to be used in a commercial post right?

because - though we have no problem (well, relatively no problem hahah) with what people do on Hive or other platforms with their own blogs... hehehee if a post is submitted to DreemPort - we ask that people ONLY use cc0 license images, or - their own images - or public domain.

so - just being sure!!! from what I saw - i think that qualifies - saw the University say you have permission - looks like the magazine one - free use applies, and the other... i think i saw that too...

if not! 2 options hehehe

  1. can you edit to remove any image that doesn't apply...
    or 2. give me a heads up that it should be taken out from DreemPort today (and please submit something else tomorrow??? hehehe)

and love you!

all is going so well here - how is MRS. Duncan Palmer??? hehehehe give her my love please!



I got your attention! Yaayyy! I'm always missing you, even if all too often "in the background." Have been uber-busy with all too much "stuff," but am (slightly) coming up for air and so indulging myself with doing a little writing. And a little "catching up" around here. And trying to squeeze in writing up some of the 'yuge' backlog of articles that continually rattle around in my brain. Not to mention a strong urge to do more poeting...

So, when I went to try and "catch up" with my dear old friend Dreemie, I discovered Dreemport for the first time, and (after a casual inspection) signed up... And yes, I read the rules, and, yes, believe it or not, they actually completely comport with what I've always done everywhere and everywhen... AFAIK... at least that has always been my intention. And so all images are legit/credited/fair use, if not my own original work. And if you or anyone should discover otherwise, yes, I will make appropriate adjustment(s).

And MRS. DCP and I are doing reasonably well, while simultaneously struggling with the vagaries of life, the universe, and everything, including aging and some health and "economic slump" issues, but we know whom we have believed, and consequently our assurance of last resort is the good grace and kindness of Jesus our LORD and God. 😇❤️👍🙏

And the Mrs. sends her love right back atcha, as do I in buckets... With hugs...
We would love to see you face to face, God willing, sooner rather than later if possible.

So glad to know all is well. Desperately now wanting to spend days and late evening sessions over good food and drink sitting and gabbing and singing with you and your hubby and offspring...