Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 49): Explorers

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A time came when the world population got out of control and there was a search for a new planet like Earth for mankind to survive.
A group of scientist took it upon themselves and went on space travel in search of planets that are habitable by man and it's possessions.
They traveled for days, weeks and later, months without a good result.
While they were searching, they lunched some drones which could help them detect what was around them in each path they traveled without getting them back.
These drones then got dominion and started causing troubles for the owners of the paths that the scientists took. They later got attached and hacked by owners of those paths.
When the scientists came back with anger and sadness, they began to eliminate the weak from the strong in order to reduce the world's population.
After some years of killings and less child bearing, the world's population reduced and was habitable for the remaining.
The scientists were remembered for their works and a celebration was arranged for them which the opposite began to happen.
The aliens which attached and hacked the drones came to visit the owners of the drones with anger and destruction in the hearts.
Oh poor world of mankind got attached and lost its heros through drones strikes.
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Hi @daniella619

thanks for the great story, see "Episode 2 loading ..............."

I love your own story
Keep it up with fiction