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RE: Moon Race: The Story of One Crazy Design Contest

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Like most of the young boys when I was growing up, I was a total Space Nerd!
Later in life, I spent more time, reading and learning about the early Mercury, Gemini and later Apollo Astronauts. From what I remember, Apollo 12's crews was one of the closest, and the crew with the most personality!

Now, I count NASA as a client! and many members as friends!


Greetings, @bluefinstudios

I lived through and followed all the early manned space missions... Yep, Space Nerd is a good description for me as well! I started reading SciFi in, I think, the first grade? :)

What career has landed you NASA as a client? Sounds very cool!



Ask miss Dreemsteem! I am a Production Manager, for Special Events. One of my events, is a robotics competition, nationwide: FIRST ROBOTICS.
NASA is a Sponsor, and I spent some time at many of the NASA sites.
We also provide AV, Lights, Sound for conferences and meetings for clients (NASA GLENN in Ohio was one)

Very cool indeed! Sounds like a lot of fun; thanks for the update. :)