Information Overload

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Unfortunately the tracker does more than just track, but compiles loads of information useful to everyone competing against them. This for me is very wrong in a sport that is all about endurance and being the best.

If you have been watching the Tour De France you would have noticed that the bikes have a few added extras these days. They have a tracking device placed behind their seat plus a mini computer like Garmin gadget on their handlebars. This has been introduced for a number of reasons with the main one being for the officials to track the riders. Some bikes even have live cameras offering everyone the experience to feel what it is like riding in the race itself.
This allows not only the race organisers, but the media and fans back home to log in and see where everyone is or a particular rider. Information such as speed,power and effort are also available.This has changed the race as the information this thing gives out is interesting not only to the riders them selves, but to their team managers.

The information this gives out via the race center for everyone to see is not what racing is about. The human element has gone and it is all about the live rider data. Crucial information includes who is in the red zone or at their limit. Which rider is working the hardest and who is on their limit. With this information available it is no wonder a break away hardly ever succeeds and get caught near the finish line.

Some guys even have a full on menu to help assist them. This would be the guide on how best to complete the stage for this rider broken down quite literally.

This year we have seen plenty of attacks by teams and individuals at the start of the day with most failing. In the past teams would allow riders to ride off with the thought process of catching them later. The only information was what the motor bikes offered with time gap boards. There is no need now as everyone knows exactly who is where and how healthy their legs are.

Out of the 20 odd teams at the Tour De France this year 11 own a portion of Velon with the others renting their services. Each rider has a two way radio connecting them to their team car. Tactically teams will have others logged into the live service feeding live information to the team manager.They will know exactly what they are up against with the riders around them taking away the human side of the sport.
Not just cycling anymore, but how good you are at reading the data. Roglic has done well and deserves yellow yet would he if all the information was taken away?

In past races riders used to look into the eyes of their rivals trying to gauge who had cracked and who was cracking. That was the beauty of the sport as it was cyclist on cyclist even if they were all on steroids. This is just too scientific right now and is kind of just not the same.

The Ineos connection with the Mercedes Formula One Team makes far more sense now as there is no other team who is better at data and team tactics than them. This year Ineos have got it wrong for the first time in 7 years and expect them to bounce back next year. Mercedes will be all over the data compiling all the information on every team and will come out with something others haven't even thought of yet as that is what they are good at.