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Greetings Stem Geeks!

This is my entry into the invent a technology contest put on by @stemgeeks (@themarkymark). Please check it out here

I have been thinking about this for a few days and initially I thought that would sit this one out. Then, today, I was having an offline conversation with @apprentice001 and came up with an idea.

This is also partially influenced by my recent viewing of the new Blade Runner movie (which I have yet to finish), but I saw limitless ideas for blockchain and NFT technologies.

Just this past week I witnessed, for the first time, a blockchain developer and businessman propose to his girlfriend via NFT through a trade offer on the WAx blockchain. Simply amazing! Check it out here.


So back to my idea. I know @themarkymark is asking for something life-changing, but I am thinking death-changing!

No nothing so lame as uploading your consciousness on the blockchain. That idea has been well covered in movies, books, and TV. I'm thinking about our NFT collections.

So, we already have the issue of when we die our keys die with us (if we are not prepared) let's be honest here. If I died today thousands of dollars worth would probably die with me. I have paper keys in my safe, but would my wife even know what to do with them? Would she even do anything if she did? Probably not. Maybe I should tell her lol. (but then she would know how much I have spent!)

My idea is... We develop a graveyard blockchain. Similar to our posting key on Hive, when you register you give permission with a tombstone key. You can purchase a ”plot” spot on the blockchain to store your NFTs. Why would you do that? After you're gone, people can come and view your collections. Your art, your rare mint cards, your untouchable cryptos now preserved forever. The issue would be, of course, the blockchain knowing once you have expired. I'm sure that could be easily figured out.

Taking it one step further, physical tombstones will be made with digital displays in a real life graveyard with your NFTs permanently on display. With multiple functionalities. On my tombstone, I would set it to display a QR code that automatically issues a Minted NFT for your own collection when you visit.

How about collecting famous peoples gravestone NFts. How much would a Mint #1 grave NFT for your favorite musician or actor be worth? Imagine the money they could raise auctioning them off, How cool!

A perfectly integrated real-life graveyard on the blockchain. For all your afterlife NFT needs please visit 🤣


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Although it does sound somewhat morbid to be collecting someone's gravestone.

My Dad is a big history buff, and as kids we would stop by graveyards and look for the oldest stones. Sometimes you could hardly read them and he would trace them with a crayon and wax paper and try to read the dates. I guess thats probably where it comes from lol.