What is STEMGeeks?

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About a year ago I created a community called STEMGeeks, a tribe focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Not to be confused with the similar community STEMSocial (previously SteemSTEM). You can find our custom front end at https://stemgeeks.net.

While both communities focus on the same topics, STEMGeeks was meant to be a less academic community and more approachable for hobbyists and casual STEM topics. From talking to people, it seems this was lost somewhere and frequently misunderstood.

First off, STEMGeeks is not associated with STEMSocial and is my own project. When I started STEMGeeks, I wanted to build a community where anyone can share content focused on any of the four core topics. Even if it is as simple as sharing your opinions of your favorite gadget. If you want to write academic level posts on these topics, that would be fantastic, but I was more focus on the casual discussions.

While STEMGeeks is moderated, it mostly polices itself. Off topic posts generally do not receive rewards while on-topic and quality posts tend to get good rewards. I do step in off and on to take care of plagiarism but for the most part the community has done a good job keeping things in check.

There is also the @stemcuration account that curates quality content but is designed in such a way the vote will not outclass the communities ability to decide trending. Any post curated by @stemcuration will also show up in Peakd's Science & Technology category which you can find under "Curators" section.

STEMGeeks has a few official curators who receive a STEM delegation from @stemcuration to help reward quality posts and keep STEMGeeks clean of off topic content. If you know of someone who would be a good curator for STEMGeeks, reach out as I am looking to add an additional curator soon.

STEMGeek's has our Hive Engine token called STEM which can be traded freely on Hive Engine. STEMGeeks has a low inflation rate and considerably lower yearly token creation than most other tribes.

Recently STEMGeeks sponsored a Hive Hackathon that raised over 12,000 Hive to developers creating cool projects for Hive. The second STEMGeek's Hackathon is being planned as we speak and will be even bigger and better than first attempt. Keep an eye out for announcements related to the Hackathon.

Give STEMGeeks a try at https://stemgeeks.net.


You know, I'm surprised that STEMGEEKS and in my case the Linux communities are not busier? @steevc and I discuss this regularly as to why more Open Source folk are not flocking to Hive?

We're here again with the word "Inclusiveness"

I must confess that I was under the assumption that you pretty much needed a PhD in one of the sciences to make worthy posts.
something we tackled years ago in the FOSS world. We need to make everyone feel not only included but empowered to contribute. IMO if someone just buys something, I dunno? A fitness tracker? and they write a post explaining how it has benefited them that's still technology they're using so why not? True it could also be in some Health & Fitness community but let's not forget they're using technology to achieve their goal. #TwoPenneth

I shared this post on Twitter to try and get your work in front of more people.
You can find your post and me on Twitter if you like? https://twitter.com/dick_turpin
I've also upvoted you and shared your content on Hive.
I read your post. No Bots were used this was all done manually. Hope That Helps.

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"
Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

Someone (apart from Pete) should be talking to open source projects about how they can benefit from Hive. As an open source platform it should appeal to them and I am sure they would appreciate extra income. Even if the just use @steempress to get their blogs on here I can support them.

I think the root of the problem is there isn't a huge userbase to begin with, and STEM is a niche of that. LEO does well as it is a very common interest behind everyone here.

Finally, I can see this!
Back in the good old day's everyone I know blogged mainly because Open Source was new and exciting. As time went on and services like Google Plus for example shutdown fewer and fewer people blogged and the vast majority moved to the likes of MeWe and Twitter.

Twitter always makes me laugh as most of my contemporaries hated Twitter with a vengeance due in part to it NOT being Open Source and yet today there they all are Tweeting away like a budgie on Trill. LOL

For a Microblogging platform of the 500 character ilk, I mainly use Mastodon however, even that struggles to attract the FOSS community which is unfathomable in my book. Sadly, the days of Freedom Zealots are gone if you ask me. Gone are the days when a certain individual I know wouldn't use WIFI because they couldn't find an Open Source driver; They own a Mac now. What the F?

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

This came at perfect time, I've a small post I was wondering where to post.

I appreciate the clarification... I must confess that I was under the assumption that you pretty much needed a PhD in one of the sciences to make worthy posts.

So, STEM is a pretty good and "well defined" niche... any plans to build out the community further like @khaleelkazi has done with LeoFinance? Strikes me these 2nd layer communities that have a clear image/purpose have the potential to offer some great opportunities.

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Nope, I heard this a few times recently so I wanted to clarify it. STEMGeeks is ok casual as long as it is on topic.

I have been thinking about wrapping STEM but as of right now I haven't decided to. I do have some other plans but right now the 2nd Hackathon is my priority.

Yeah I was thinking stemgeeks and stemsocial was a little bit the same and alike. Thought I have posted some of my engineering contents like what I do at work which is related to elevator stuff in the community some times ago. I will check out the website and publish something In it when next I go out for an elevator job.

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You should.

I think you'd be surprised how well your posts are received there.

Yeah, I have and really marveled.

Been following these guys for a long while now, since we used to be on the other platform, and I love their job and way of encouraging people to post some really interesting and well-documented articles!

Do my stats/analytics post fit for steemgeeks?
Haven't used the tag till now.

Stats are not really STEM. If you went into how you analyzed and created them, that would be more STEM. I always use the example math homework, posting your math homework on STEM isn't STEM but the process you used to solve it is.

Yep, cool, got it :)

Greetings friend, I didn't know Stemgeeks, I usually write in STEMsocial social about agricultural sciences. It is interesting to see what other platforms exist that promote science and technology !