STEMGeeks is a Brave Certified Publisher

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I just finished the process to set up to be a Brave Certified Publisher.

As a Brave user, you are in control which websites to reward with your Brave tokens or leave it up to the browser based on your activity.

What is Brave?

Brave is a web browser based on Google Chromium project with two main purposes of increased security and rewarding users for viewing ads the way they want to (if they want to).

Brave prides itself on not selling or using your information as other free services do.

Did you know Brave is compatible with Chrome Extensions?

That's right, all the plugins you use with Chrome will work with Brave. In fact, you can use the Chrome web store and download your extensions directly as Brave is based on Chrome.

Did you know Brave is much faster than Chrome?


Did you know you earn Cryptocurrency by using Brave?

By using Brave you earn BAT tokens you can hodl, sell, or use to buy Advertising. Enabling ads in Brave is optional but if you do enable them, you will receive a portion of 70% of the funds spent on the ads. Brave is very selective of what ads they allow to be displayed in the Brave browser. Many users have appreciated receiving ads in Brave as they receive the largest portion of the ad revenue.

Did you know Google will be making it more difficult for Ad Blocking software in the near future?

Google plans to disable the method used by the most effective Ad Blocking software forcing them to use lists that are far less effective, slower, more resources, and a maximum limit of URLs.

Brave is faster and more secure than Google and doesn't sell your activity to publishers.

Check it out!


I use Brave, but it is not earning me too much. They gave me some tokens that I donated to sites of some Steemians. I just do not have enough right now to give out. It seems to run the same extensions I was using with Chrome. My only real issue is that sometimes it will hog all my CPU for a while. Have to close it to be able to do anything on the PC. This is on Ubuntu Linux.

 4 years ago 

Does it work with Keychain? I might considering switching.

I am using Windows, though.

Keychain does work. The OS should not matter too much for that. Actually my issue may be that it is hammering the disk as the light just stays on whilst the PC slows down. It has happened a few times today.

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That's good to know!

 4 years ago 

All chrome extensions work.

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STEEM is better than BAT!

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Yeah, but we got mental patients like you here.

Na wah oh. Why the insults? @themarkymark

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Not an insult, an observation.


Downvote because:

Self Upvote
Circle jerk network
Account hording

Obviously😂. But BAT's price is higher than STEEM. 20 to 21 cents i think.

I don't recieve ads for months now. Don't know why. But i enjoy using brave than Chrome. Its really fast

Rewards aren't available in all territories yet. They are planning to roll out more but I'm not sure of the schedule.

Oh. That's good to know. Thanks

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Are the rewards going to post authors in the way that Brave rewards on youtube go to the creators rather than to youtube? Or will the brave rewards go to the STEMGeeks team?

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Sorry for the late response.

They will be going to the STEMGeeks team. There isn't much (like $0.25 a month or so) and YouTube has a special arrangement with Brave that allows them to tip individual authors directly.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I thought it could be a nice way to help creators, but I understand the process of setting that up for many individual authors could be significant.

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