STEMGeeks Breakthrough Contest Results

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@themarkymark announced the 200 STEM Breakthrough Contest.

The subject is, what do you feel will be the next biggest scientific or technological breakthrough in the next 10 years.

After going through the entries, the winning entry is @balticbadger

Solving Problems With Few Operations; Quantum Computing

By: @balticbadger

Congratulations @balticbadger!

200 STEM has been sent over.

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Why did you downvote my post?

Congrats to @balticbadger!

Much appreciated, thank you!

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Truly an honor! Thank you to @stemgeeks!

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Congratulations to balticbadger. I had thougth I'll be the one to win anyway. Well, next time will be my turn to outshine everyone.

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I feel that I want to take part in this extraordinary contest, can I participate, sir?