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in stemgeeks •  7 months ago 

The initial STEMGeeks airdrop was finished almost six months ago when the tribe was announced. It was always the intention to have an additional airdrop after the tribe settled and reward users who are actively participating.

I have been very happy with the STEMGeeks tribe performance, good authors get great rewards, spammers and low effort posts get nearly nothing. I have been disappointed in the activity levels, there is just not a lot of users on Steem posting about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. I thought a dedicated community would help a lot, it just hasn't been the case.

That being said, I want to reward a few active content creators & curators with some extra tokens.

I have airdropped staked tokens to the following users:


The token distribution came out of the remaining initial supply allocated to the airdrop.

There may be additional airdrops in the near future based on participation.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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It is a bit of a shame that more people haven't taken to writing STEM content, and a couple of contests have gone with next to 0 participation.

The token however has gained traction and I think that this could well lead to a more active community going forward, especially if STEEM picks up too.

Cheers for the tokens :)

I hope so.

Really wish more people also used the community tag hive-163521. Would be a shame for communities to roll out and nobody uses them.

I've been waiting for @steempeak to roll out community support. I use their scheduling feature, so I can't really post my Science & technology digest series through steemit's beta site (or through I plan to start using the community once steempeak is ready.

Working on it ;)

We have tried a few contests as well and participation has been really low. Even on Steem I have noticed the same thing. People don't realize there is a larger opportunity now to earn Steem and Tokens than when the price is much higher.

Thanks for the tokens! I included this post in my daily Science and technology digest and shared that to Twitter (here). If anyone in twitterland ever clicks on it, maybe it'll get one or two people curious enough to click through. You'll get a 10% share of that post's rewards.

Keep the rewards, just get people here :)