Are you publishing STEM content or just shoe-horning to use the STEM tag?

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What is shoe-horning?

STEMGeeks is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is important content stays in this niche or all the benefits of having a community are thrown out the window.

When you publish content using the STEM tags, it is important to keep your content on topic and focused on STEM. When you create content that isn't STEM-related and try to throw some blurb in that tries to force it into the STEM niche just so you can use the STEM tag, that is shoe-horning.

A good example of this is a user who submitted a post of a bunch of friends jumping off rocks into the lake. At the end of the post, he put a paragraph about the weather and tagged it as STEM and Meteorology. The post had nothing to do with STEM and just adding a weather-related blurb at the end doesn't change the fact.

There is also a lot of people writing tribes and crypto-related content and just mentioning STEMGeeks so they can use STEM tag. Mentioning STEMGeeks in your post about crypto prices don't make it a STEM post.

For STEMGeeks to reward good content well it can't be rewarding unrelated and bad content thus diluting rewards for good content. I will not be shy about flagging posts that are not STEM-related.

Maintaining strong moderation to keep content on topic will result in the best experience for those who spend the time creating good quality STEM-related content. If I didn't do this, I would be doing stakeholders a disservice and ultimately would dilute rewards for everyone.

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