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RE: STEMGeeks is a Brave Certified Publisher

in #stemgeeks2 years ago

I use Brave, but it is not earning me too much. They gave me some tokens that I donated to sites of some Steemians. I just do not have enough right now to give out. It seems to run the same extensions I was using with Chrome. My only real issue is that sometimes it will hog all my CPU for a while. Have to close it to be able to do anything on the PC. This is on Ubuntu Linux.

 2 years ago 

Does it work with Keychain? I might considering switching.

I am using Windows, though.

Keychain does work. The OS should not matter too much for that. Actually my issue may be that it is hammering the disk as the light just stays on whilst the PC slows down. It has happened a few times today.

 2 years ago 

That's good to know!

 2 years ago 

All chrome extensions work.