Microscope Photography: Quarantine Edition

in #stemgeeks2 years ago

Hallo, Hive fam! I'm back with another edition of microscope photography. You know I love me some staring at random everyday objects under a microscope pen. :D

Burnt Rice Krispies. "Enlarged to show texture," hee hee hee

Dead cactus plant. Yeah that was a difficult balance trying to get a photo! LOL

Thin layer of fried egg. You know how you sometimes get some little flaky bits where just a smidge of the egg had dripped in the pan? That.

Chalk writing on my homemade chalkboard!

A feather on one of the kitty toys. It's a dark black/shiny green color, but I don't know if it was originally that way or if it was dyed.

Because you know I love textiles under the microscope, this is a shawl that I have used as a tablecover, that is a thin sheer fabric with velvet-ish Celtic knots on it. Photo of it in normal mode below. So the wide weave is the sheer part and the bunches that look like grass on the prairie is the velvety part.

WIN_20200506_10_08_01_Pro 2.jpg
This is the shawl/tablecover! :)

So that was my little bit of microscope exploration today. Quality quarantine entertainment, y'all. ;)

Have a great day and buzz on!


The green colour of the egg surprised me!

The chalk was really really pretty 😍

To be fair, it was on a black pan so maybe the black had some blue in it and it reflected green a bit?
I like the chalk too. ^_^

Adding how you prepared the slides and the combination of magnification used would have gone a long way. You might want to consider that in your next microscopy related post.

They weren't slides, I was using a microscope pen that has a turn dial to adjust the magnification, so I don't really know exactly what I'm at when I stop for a good shot, I'm afraid. ;) Nothing fancy here, just cool looks at everyday objects with simple equipment. I'd like to one day level up as it were, but for now it's simple.

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