Let's get organized!

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My collection of shame.

Not because of the devices - those are awesome - the shame is the lie I told myself and my wife when I bought them.

Somehow I thought this purchase, this new gadget, was going to make me productive.

Strangely, being a nerd, the paper filofax did help me. The electronic versions, not so much.

Can you relate?

For me they all became glorified calculators.


I admit, a calculator is a useful gadget, especially if there is a "programmer" mode, allowing switch between base 10, hex, octal, binary, but you didn't really need a "personal digital assistant" to access those functions.

Did anyone get organized using these things? Other than calendar appointments, I think I just tinkered with them.


Well, I had a Psion 3a and modem which didn't organise me but did allow me to connect to some very dubious bulletin boards at the time. I also had an HP Jornada 720 which was an awesomely cool pocket windows CE device on which I played Solitaire a lot. Nokia Communicator 9300 , used it for Yahoo chat and ran up huge data bills!
Green leather A5 leather Filofax....Perfect. used it as a diary, notebook, address book, sketchpad, project manager. Perfect design, tactile and usable....and a fraction of the cost of most of the gadgets I had!

Unlike you though, I bin stuff but sometimes when I see your posts, I do wish I'd have saved some stuff from the past!

Heh I think my Jornada was mostly an MP3 player now I think back ;)

Not quite the cyber punk lifestyle I imagined

 2 months ago 

Nope. Never.

This is no different than the electronic pocket dictionaries I used to have when learning English.

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Is the Newton pad still working :D

I daren't fire it up now but it was :)