How to grow your blog Part 2: What really matters for getting traffic

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Ever wondered why some people effortlessly get all the attention and no matter how hard you work on your articles, nobody takes any notice?

In part 1 we looked at the foundational elements you need to consider before even deciding if you want to blog. Today we investigate the vital element that either makes your blog grow or will defeat you before you even make any progress.

The myth of driving traffic

There is a myth around website marketing that you can drive traffic.

You really can't.

Even when you pay for advertising, you can't drive traffic.

You're not herding cattle. Human beings are stubborn creatures.

So what can you do?

Attract the attention, don't drive it

Going back to the point I made about advertising. When was the last time you took notice of an ad, let alone clicked on one?

If you did it will be because it

  1. Caught your eye
  2. Aligns with your interests
  3. Had a "hook"

What does this have to do with blogging?

The blogs that grow deserve to

It's another myth that hard work pays off in blogging.

Also, it is not the person with the most knowledge or expertise that wins.

Sad, but true. As in many other areas of life, it is NOT a meritocracy.

The blogs that succeed catch your eye, align with your interests, and have a hook.

Now, obviously the ones that grow further than just attracting clicks (click bait) are the ones that deliver on their promises, but we have all seen examples of hugely popular websites that survive by just appealing to clicks and people who barely read past the headline.

So what does that mean in terms of actions?

Decide which audience you want to appeal to. What do they want/need/desire/love/hate?

Create content that directly appeals to their interests, in a unique and intriguing way.

Then get in front of that audience.

We will talk about that last part next time!


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