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With all these new centralized communities centered around tokens...it does kind of compel one to try to build up one's stake so they can sufficiently reward the type of content that they want to reward.

While there are certainly a lot more posts that fit into Palnet, which is basically all of them, I really like STEM content. I'm a geek. I regularly research STEM content and participate in multiple types of STEM activities. I program. I have a desk covered in electronics. I research antennas to possibly build. I watch documentaries all the time. I would post on STEM content a lot more than the rare post that I do if things were a bit different on here.

I think that this community, centralized though it is, has the potential to increase the amount of STEM posting on Steem drastically.

While SteemSTEM might reward content quite well, their push for particular types of content and pre-approval of that content through their system discourages casual posting of STEM content. For those that can go through their system and deal with that, it's one of the best ways to make money on Steem. For people that don't wanna bother and don't like it, it discourages it.

STEMgeeks in contrast, centralized in token structure though it is, through Steem Engine, is decentralized in rewards, because normal users can buy STEM tokens to help distribute rewards. I might only have a small 404 STEM tokens now, but I have buys in lower, and I have patience, and will slowly pick up more, until on those rare times where I read an awesome post about someone's backyard project or whatever, I can lay down my vote like a big smokin cod. ...or dork? Whatever.

There are certainly a lot of "tribes" stretching everyone a bit thin though, and we all have to choose where we'll focus.


Stemgeeks is an awesome tribe with tons of potential to draw in new Steemians. It's going to be an awesome thing to witness/be a part of the next-generation of Steem where tribes pull in hundreds and even thousands of new users through our more niche communities! :)

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Oh my god...I thought I didn't even focus enough on the various whys of the investment parts to even barely qualify for SteemLeo. Must be a slow Leo day.

SteemGeeks seems right up your street, i hope you have time to post a bit more in-between geeky stuff.

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STEMgeeks in contrast, centralized in token structure though it is, through Steem Engine, is decentralized in rewards

I like the different approach each tribe uses. It's fascinating to observe them and correlate their success with their actions.

I think it would be interesting for Steemians to record these things and compile some sort of analysis later.

Yeah right build up token stake, we're all selling, even the community token creators especially, i.e. swelker101 powered down his STEM fast! CB?
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