Building a NAS? Home Storage? SPK network storage? Crappy home witness? Help?

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I must start this post with saying that i have 0 (zero) knowledge about network storage or networks overall. My first and last thing with networks was 10+ years ago connecting 2 PCs with a friend so we can play some multiplayer games.

This idea started with lack of capacity on my Hard drives, replacing my camera (filming in 4k) and my weird idea of not deleting anything. So at the moment i have 10TB of HDD in my PC with almost no free space, no new ports for new HDD and no backup options (not smart). And that is what pushed my in to thinking about getting some more storage.

Dedicated computer for storage sounded like a good idea in my head. Then i realized that i know nothing about it. My latest computer build was almost 3 years ago and that was not really scientific. It was more like Ok this is the latest tech, this i can afford, let's buy this components. But i did build home PC before. Home storage network, i feel a bit lost.

As i started thinking about building storage the idea of using it for SPK network came. I will be getting some tokens in the airdrop, why not use it. Also i have no idea how this things work, could i run a crappy home hive witness server on that simultaneously? No ambition to be top witness, just to run something that would make me learn things and it would be there as a home backup if ever needed for what ever reason.

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I do know that prices and component availability will vary from place to place so help i am asking is more in the broad department :)

I do understand that i need a motherboard with more Sata connectors. 6? 8? Is there something specific to look for? Any motherboard recommendations?

Processor? Intel or AMD? Anything to look for?

RAM? i do know that there is no such thing as to much RAM, but what is enough. 16? more?

Graphics card? Do i need a dedicated graphic card? Can i use an integrated one?

HDD? Any specific HDD that is decent but not to expensive? If i start with 4 HDD can i run system from one of them, or maybe buy one smaller SSD for system? Can i connect 2 in RAID 1 and 2 to run independent?

As i said i know prices will vary and feeling of on a budget can be different for different people, but can this be made on a budget but not really tight budget? from what i saw 4 4TB HDD would be around 500$ so maybe 500$ for other components? more? less?

Or maybe i should just give up, format my drives and buy more crypto? 😂

Any help is appreciated.


Stop hoarding :D

yesterday i tried deleting stuff. it is hard :D

:) I know buddy, I know... I think it is like this with videos; If there are some memories, make an edit and decode it into IDK h.265 codec and delete all source videos. Because usually, it is like this for 5minutes of good videos there are about 30minutes of shaking, B rolls, and so on. And if you are thinking about keeping your cool 4k RAW video for some edits after 15 years, forget about it. Technology goes to fast forward and everyone will laugh at you bringing out 4k, when there is 16K,3D, stereoscopic VR video all over the Youtube successor :D

and you are 100% right, but :D

maybe on a new hard drive :)

Sure, why not

Pozdrav druze moj.

Vidim da imas poteskoca oko ovoga, pa zato, ako zelis, mozesmo se cuti, mogu da ti dam neke savete, posto ja inace se bavim time, imam svoje servere, drzim svoj hosting, u srbiji i u svajcarskoj, a isto, koristim i par NAS-a, koje takodje, sam ih sam pravio.

Mogu ti reci, da je malo zeznuto, ako nemas nikakva iskustva oko toga, bice malo drz, nedaj dok postavis sve da ti radi, pogotovo ako koristis na svojim sadasnjim kompovima Windows, onda je to uzas.

Ako zelis uraditi sve kako treba, i da imas sistem da uzivas u njemu, onda, od pocetka obavi sve kako treba.

Kao prvo, sko nisi dosad, predlazem ti da predjes na Linux, i bice ti zivot, mnooogo laksi za sve. Naravno, trebas se naviknuti, i uciti, kao i svaki nov sistem, ali, nije mnogo razlicitiji od windows-a, pogotovo, recimo, Linux Mint je super za one koje zele od windows-a da predju na Linux, jako jednostavan i dobar, za pocetak, iako, Linux imas na stotine, po svaciji ukus, i u svakoj formi.

Sto se NAS tice, ja sam jako zadovoljan, sa gigabitnom brzinom, znaci, extra, brzina je ko SSD u principu, posto NAS keshira unapred stvari, pa iako nije SSD u pitanju, ubraza se sve nenormalno, a dodatno, ako dodas i SSD za keshiranje, uzivaces, nikad vise neces snimati nista na svom PC hard-u. Ja PC hard diskove koristim samo za instalaciju sistema, inace skoro pa nista u njima vise nemam, sve u NAS.

Ima jako puno stvari sta bi ti predlozio, ali, kazem, ako nemas iskustva, bice to malo tesko, zato, ako zelis, mozemo se cuti, pa da popricamo oko toga.

Pozdrav druze iz Vršca, pa mi javi ako te ova oblast zanima.


Thank you @bil.prag. Your article helped me make the decision to buy this and so far it's been great.