Let's get your STEMgeek going!

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Oh ya! Let's get some STEMgeeking going. I'm a computer scientist dealing mostly with data science, data warehousing, data lakes and stats. Phew.

I'll chit-chat about that stuff occasionally but I deal with that at work all day. I love it but... Science is so much more... I'm constantly in awe at new stuff; new technologies, biology, astronomy, new findings on old science; I'm a skeptic, I ask a lot of questions. And I squirrel all the time.

I'm lucky as hell too. My family are all scientists; wife has a degree in bio-pshycology, my oldest is in Micro, my middle is in a nano-science program. We're working on my youngest, still in highschool, but we're steering him to a pico-science program.

LOL, see what I did there?

I also love coffee. So expect some coffee science posts...

what's on your science radar?

Let me know below as I'll be passing out some random STEM tokens.

Get your GEEK on!



I am a Structural Engineer and I will be making posts relating to civil engineering constructions.

Cool. Love to watching those documentaries on engineering feats - the bridges and spanning the huge divides...
<geekON>As I was commenting I was just think how cool it is that you probably use more trig and Cartesian math where as I focus on the probabilities and stats mathematics.</geekOFF>


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Aren't you the guy who is going to make your own blockchain and runs a business here?

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lol yeah! I am blocked too, from everywhere!

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@themarkymark is not fair, he is the devil! Once he makes up his mind, it is like a vault, and he swallows it, the key that is! lol!

Yes I concur, him and Bernie have turned Steem(it) into a naughty space place :D

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