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Aren't you the guy who is going to make your own blockchain and runs a business here?

holy shit.

lol yeah! I am blocked too, from everywhere!

Yeah he is about to loose his delegation and has abused it. The community has caught on. His goose is cooked. Unlike DLive he can't code worth shit. DTube is done bro.


@themarkymark is not fair, he is the devil! Once he makes up his mind, it is like a vault, and he swallows it, the key that is! lol!

Yes I concur, him and Bernie have turned Steem(it) into a naughty space place :D

No, I have been banned from Palnet, STEEMLEO, WEEDCASH, STEEMIT FRONT END! This is terrible! Quit wasting your time, and making yourself look like a fool! You Do NOT NEED STEM GEEKS! All these communities are trash/rubbish, i.e. The current situation we are both facing. This will never fly! Scrap this project and work on the SMTs! Upvoted!