The Woz Is Launching A Blockchain-Based Platform: Green Energy On The Blockchain

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Steve Wozniak, known as the co-founder of Apple (kind of a big deal), is starting a blockchain company in Malta. The aim of the company is to use blockchain technology to help make energy consumption more efficient. This is ironic as people have blamed bitcoin for its energy consumption and know the technology beneath it is going to be used to help lower it in. There is not many details beyond the name of the company "Efforce' and that it plans on delivering without altering how much people use energy.

Wozniak also spoke well of Malta and how it is a haven for blockchain companies. I can see that as this is where Binance is which is currently dominating the cryptocurrency world.

It is great to see this tech being used for green energy. There is much to be done in the upcoming years and we need to get a handle on things sooner rather than later.

Here is the link for more info:

I did some searching to find some videos if you are interested in green energy and the blockchain:

This one talks about using blockchain to make grids more independently (with solar panels) so you don't have to worry about large blackouts. It also lets people sell energy on demand like an uber service:


Yeah...Bitcoin using a lot of energy is an exaggeration. Cash needs all these ATM's all over the place that are basically full computers, plus the servers for online banking, plus all the bank buildings. What does Bitcoin need? Some mining...which people intentionally put in places where energy is cheap and abundant, to maximize profit. And they replace all their equipment regularly, selling them on the second hand market, so they use less energy and make more crypto.

But, The Woz is doing something with blockchain...and there are no real details yet? Sounds like it's going to be a huge success!

I'm just guessing, but maybe Woz want to use cripto precisely to pay their costumers the selling of their own energy (solar, etc.).

I'm looking for more info. Thanks for sharing.

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