Satellite Technology Used to Save Lives from Flooding

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Satellite Technology Used to Save Lives from Flooding


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In what is a great application for space technology, Malaysia is investing into early warning storm system monitoring. The Malaysian government is using space monitoring technology developed at the Malaysian Space Agency to monitor flooding from space. Hurricanes and regional flooding patterns can be monitored from space, which aids in the reduction of loss and is another example of how we can use remote satellite imaging to help make our world a safer place. According to the World Bank, 1.47 billion people worldwide face the danger of flooding, and 2.2 billion people live in areas that could flood. Space technology that monitors flooding is essential for billions of people to thrive under this life-threatening risk.

The space industry is going to be a huge contributor to global GDP in the coming decades. Currently, the space economy is approaching $1 trillion, and with existing technology including GPS space technology contributing $300 billion annually to global GDP there is promise and will for more developments. Flooding is especially dangerous in Malaysia, and many areas in the world are similarly vulnerable to lowland flooding. Millions of people will benefit from the precision of coordinated space and drone monitoring of storms in real time. Software companies and governments will work to develop better AI and data analysis systems to determine the threats posed by flooding.

The space economy and industry can help save lives. Hurricanes and other dangerous storms can be monitored from space, and AI and data analytics programs can be used to monitor their progress. Currently, this technology is being employed by militaries and to monitor emergencies around the world. Since billions of people are at risk, many countries will benefit from the development of this system and other supporting technologies.

Flood recovery is most needed in poorer countries. It has been observed that more people are moving to coastal areas, and thus the need for effective early-warning systems and recovery protocols are more salient. The specter of climate change and its amplification of coastal flooding makes any effective satellite monitoring systems important for the future. Space is ideal for getting the flooding zone in one image and can be sent in real time to emergency and disaster workers.

The Malaysian satellite monitoring technology is supported by drone surveillance on the ground. A combination of satellite imagery in real time and drone data in the flood zones themselves can quickly and comprehensibly determine the best course of action. The need to evacuate and deploy countermeasures is costly and timing can be better approximated using satellite images and tracking.

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