So scared of all the leads that need sorting! Please send help........

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OK well it has been Christmas so not that much has happened although we have started sorting out some of our equipment, although I have to say it is a daunting job! We have a lot of equipment to plug in and we are going to need some more leads especially longer ones! Some of you reading this will understand how expensive this is ..... @tdctunes please send free leads.....

What is going on and a long list of jobs to do

So over the last week we have started moving in!

Ok so lets have a look at a list of things we need to do:

OK this is a bass pedal and high hat pedal for a Rolland electronic drum kit. As you can see the rest of the kit is not here....we need to get that in, wired up and then get an extra long usb lead to plug it in.


This is the start of the empty boxes and cases. these all need to be moved and put into storage in the house.


Guitars all need new strings and servicing! Nice to get the lap steel out though....


This is our main work place for synths. Another shelf needs to be built above this one that is thinner to put some more of our equipment on.


This shows you what a general mess the place is!


This is a great job for someone with OCD these all need to be sorted as we are going to need them when we start getting more equipment out of boxes.


This is some of the equipment in boxes that needs the shelf and leads as mention above!


This is our basic set you can see the leads have a life of their own. lead and cable management is on the list....


What is good is that we have super fast broadband and wifi in now and we can actually do some work! Shelves need to be built into the corners for percussion and acoustic treatment needs to be built in behind where we work and above us. Once the other jobs are done we will sound test the room and add some more where required.


The back wall is where we will be filming this needs whiteboard paint on it and a pull down green screen fitted!


This desk need to be configured via adat to a different soundcard and then configured on our PC to start audio recording..


This is what the desk is being plugged into and needs sorting out on the PC!


What next

Well it is a long list of jobs we have to do as you can see from the above list. The builders are back tomorrow and they have a lot to do outside of the cladding and gutters and drains and all exciting things like that. However I think that in a few weeks we will be fully operational! It has been good doing this blog as I now have a list of things to do, luckily some of the other boys are round this week to help or make a racket not sure which!

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Looking great! Let me know when your leads need sorting and I'll be down with my roll of velcro wrap.

yes a roll of velcro rap might well be needed!

Exciting times!

I know there's lots to do, but it's looking good.

My modest little setup is nowhere near the scale of yours, and even I get frustrated with cables! The producer's curse!

Anyway - hope it all goes swimmingly. Let me know when it's ready for visitors, and I'll make the effort to come down and say hi...


that would be awesome if you came to do some music for a few days to brighton

Indeed - let's keep an eye on that. It's certainly doable!