Building a studio - you know that feeling when everytime you want to do something it is gonna cost ya?

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Ok this is probably nearly our last post about our studio. We are nearly there so will not have anything to report. Although a few people have been asking about more info on some of our equipment so we might do one or two more.

What is going on

So over the last few weeks the cladding has been put on the front and we have started setting up all our equipment. There is still a few more things to add but we are very close. We have been filming a few live videos for Hive Open mic which is cool and are setting up a live sound. However doing this has meant we needed more equipment....

As you can see the cladding (and the drains) have all been done now. It is all looking pretty sharp. Just need to get a garden designer in to design our massive mud patch we created!


Inside you can definitely see that we have started moving in properly by the massive mess. It is nice to have a bigger studio but we have had to spend hundreds of pounds buying new leads....which are still not in any way under control!


We got some of the guitars on a stand but might put them on the wall!


Somewhere to hang costumes and leads! We will bring one of our costume boxes in here soon!


Setting up a live set up has been a challenge but we are getting there. In the end we bought another soundcard/mixer to just use for live. Still alot of lead management needed!


The tilted shelf we had built is working well and starting to get everything on it!


Working it filming is a big learning curve for us and we still need to get a fancy camera!


What next

Always exciting to do more and there are still some things to do. We need curtains and another big rug to dampen the sound. Obviously we need the garden doing and a proper seating area out front. We also want a better camera or two as well as a pull down green screen. Adding a live performance area is definitely costing us but hey we think it is all worth it. However overall we have moved in and are starting to make music again which is fabulous!

Big up all the builders in the world and all they do

Stick Up Boys

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Looking awesome! Having a nice area makes a huge difference. Can't wait to get mine all set up and ready to go later on in the year or into the first of next year, depending on when the move happens.

awesome look forward to seeing it!

Looks cosy, and (surprisingly?) well organised. Are you gonna get a green screen in there?!

cheers bro, yep pull down green screen is on the list for sure!

Right on Boys! Looking good. Hanging up the guitars is a big space saver. Looking forward to the green screen gigs.. I do like the white background though. :)

ye nice, we like the white too but green screen as well means it is more versatile....

Oh, for sure :)

You've got a nice place and it is well equipped and set up. The plans you had are unique and will be looking forward to your videos

thank you very much!

You are welcome

Whenever a man sets out to do something, he must first have the traces of that thing, just as you have everything in music. And the way your entire team is working hard, you will become very popular in no time.

Aww thanks for the encouraging words, it is not easy to get people to listen but we love it!

The place where magic happens!

lol ye especially on a saturday night!

Progress is looking great, feeling very much like a working studio space now!
May need a tech post at one point to go through all the equipment, and the daw setup? That would be pretty neat to do 🙂

will do one for sure or get Brains to do it

What a beautiful space. It doesn't make you want to leave. You can tell they put a lot of love into it and that's important. I congratulate you because sincerely you have been a great source of inspiration. You are great guys and I take this opportunity to tell you again, thank you for trusting us.

Aww thank you very much and big up to you guys for promoting music!

Hard work always pays off 👍👍👍 you make a beautiful studio

Looing good! Love the masks on the wall haha :)


You must be killin' it out here!
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lol easy to get too!

You've made a great job there and I'm sure you will enjoy/suffer every creative minute, many congrats and best wishes for the now on!