Building a Studio update, leads not under control and what is in the briefcase?

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Some people have been asking how the studio is going and I am pleased to say we are not far off from being fully operational. Apart from a backlog of work we have just been commissioned to record an audio book here, this will be a first for us, but should be good fun.

What is going on

So over the last week we have been starting to plug things in! Yes the leads are getting under control but still have a life of their own.

So overall you can see it looking a lot busier! The shelves are up as is some accoustic treatment.

The desk is looking good and the extra shelf is in which makes things very accesible. We have not got all of our equipment in here yet but it is getting there!


Things are plugged in and going through our Allen and Heath mixing desk which is connected via ADAT to an Audient iD44

IMG_1922 (1).JPG

You can see the new shelves here and the custom made acoustic treatment behind the monitor and on the ceiling. I have just dumped stuff on the shelves for now....

IMG_1921 (1).JPG

We are still working on our live performance set up and are going to need a few more bits and bobs!


Drum kit and guitars are nearly there, need the Marshal back and the drums need to be configures. Also above this we will have pegs for our outfits and leads. Question is what is in the suitcase?

IMG_1923 (1).JPG

I want to say the leads are under control, but they are not!


What next

The drains are being done as I type and then it is the cladding on the outside. We also need to get curtains, a pull down green screen and some things for playing live. So we are nearly there but not quite! It will be nice when it is all done and we can 100% focus on music and videos!

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Cheers for the tour! 😃

Getting there....


Very impressive and of course


ye exactly

Wow! What a bunch of toys. I hope the room is well soundproofed. 🤣🤣

ye it is!

Well you certainly have the equipment! :) And the cables and wires oh my! (must be what you call "leads" over there in old Blighty). Maybe a big Stickupboys logo on the wall? Give everything a good dusting at the end and you're ready to go!

Of course it's obvious from the pics this is just a "starter" studio, that you're gonna need to knock down some walls and build an even larger studio down the line, but I hope this'll do for now. :)

lol yes studio extension at some point....we will have to brand it soon with our logo!

so cool place
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