Building a studio - moving in a little bit.....

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One of the boys has just moved house and we had to leave our old Stick Up Boys secret hideout behind. We are now building a new studio to work in which is a very exciting time for us. We have nearly finished now and it is great to be inside it and starting to sort some of our music equipment out, although most of it is still in storage. We have got some sound so it is nice to be making some noise all together in a nice big space.

What is going on

So over the last few weeks we have been finishing off the inside, although it is still not quite finished it is definitely getting there. The lights, internet and electricity are all done! The custom worktops are done now which is great so we have been getting a few bits and bobs together.

Here is the start of the custom work tops made out of oak, should be adding some more shelves and things next week as this is no where near enough space for all our equipment.


We started putting a few bits of equipment in there but need to get the rest from storage, we mainly got our live set up here rather than our recording gear.

IMG_1767 (1).JPG

Still a bit of a mess down the other end...we will be using this end for filming and making gifs. Just need to add a pull down green screen and some lights.


What next

It will be great to see it finished. I have to say the garden is looking like a bit of a mess and it is an absolute mud bath due to all the rain we have been having. We need to add more shelves for our equipment as well as some storage for bits and bobs. Once that is done then it is the outside which needs cladding on all sides and we are still waiting for the delivery! Then we need to make the garden a bit better and will add a decking outside the studio so we can sit in the sun and drink cocktails.

You can see the mud bath here


and the lack of cladding...and the garden, no more mowing of the lawn necessary.....


Big up all the builders in the world and all they do

Stick Up Boys

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Getting there! Can't wait to visit and make some music!

Will be awesome

Wow!! That is looking awesome. What an amazing transformation over the past few months - crazy how far it's come. I really like how it's looking!!

You said the garden will be for sitting out in the sun & having drinks... am I getting an invite for that? he he.... I can bring pixie dust and red !WINE 😂🍷

Have an amazing New Year, my friend! Hope to see you all in the next year ... wings crossed.💚✨


You know the first thing that caught my eye? Those flip flops. I thought how Asian 😄

Great to see it all coming together. Must visit Brighton next summer!

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