Building a new secret hideout - slowly getting there through storms and rain!

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One of the boys has just moved house and we had to leave our old Stick Up Boys secret hideout behind. We are now building a new studio to work in which is a very exciting time for us. It is all coming on and you can see the shell of it here:


What is going on

So over the last week or two of torrential weather we have been busy still getting the studio built. YOu can see now that the walls are up with space for a window and door. There is no window on one side as we plan to be filming that end and wanted control of the light.

Some of the electrics are starting to be put in and this is for all of the lights:


You can see all the electrics here on the other side and also that the insulation is in. That has been being foamed today to stop any gaps on it.


YOu can see here the grey stuff is the wrap or something that is breathable but does not let water in. The battons are up and the external cladding will be attached to this.


The ceiling is good to go and will have a slight angle to it to help with the acoustics. Again you can see the lights ready to go, there will be two sets of LED downlighters one on each side of the room attached to dimmer switches.


What next

Always exciting to see it progress. The next stage will involve the many plug sockets we are putting in (with USB ports in them too). Then we will start to use the acoustic plasterboard. This is especially dense and the boards are very, very heavy. Then the cladding will go on round the building. We really can't wait to move in as it is going to take a month to sort out all out music and filming stuff, but it could be an awesome Christmas this year!

Big up all the builders in the world and all they do

Stick Up Boys

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Looking good! Is it going to have some secret hideout features?

Some suggestions:

  • secret cupboard to store your Starbits
  • secret SUB beer fridge
  • external spy/security cams with internal monitor
  • supplies in case of a zombie appocalypse.

Yep all of the above, and a gun rack just in case....


Just a little longer.. almost done :) Can't wait to see the result!

Nor can we!

The ultimate #mancave

That is for sure! Less salty though....

Wow, nice job and weldone

Looking great guys! I cant wait to see it full of music 'gadgets'. You need a sign outside...The home of GIFS !
Best wishes :-)

Thanks bro, very exciting! We cant wait to see all our gadgets back in it and also be making gifs again!

Wow, how exciting!! It is almost surreal seeing the progress. I think your hideout is going to be better than ever, esp. with all the extra control of the acoustic sound & lighting.

I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. Your music and content is going to sound even more epic!!

Much love & extra pixie dust for a continued smooth transition....


aww thanks for the positive vibes! !PIZZA we looking forward to making more videos!

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Nice one and thank you!

Hurrah for the new secret hideout!

Hurrah for sure!

Lookin good Boys :)

Love BEB :)

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cheers one day you will come over and do music....

It could happen :)

ikr and that would be awesome!

Making amazing progress
Well done to all of you and may it be done soon :)

2-3 weeks I hope then we can start the big process of moving in!

Awesome. :)

will be eventually! feel homeless since August!

Really cool and congratulations that looks like an amazing new hideout for you guys.

Have an amazing day today!

hey thanks very much, will be a new home for sure!

Tightness!!! And you are very welcome.

Thanks bro!

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Wow, that's awesome! My "studio" is just a spare bedroom I have. It works, but if we could've built something like that, that would've been a lot better. Maybe someday!

I'm excited to see what yours looks like when it's all finished.


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