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Some time ago I commented on a post involving @lasseehlers and may have expressed some incredulity in the theory of a flat Earth that he seems quite attached to. He said I needed to watch a documentary that would convince me otherwise. Could I be bothered to spend an hour on that? He bugged me about it again, so I decided to see what the fuss was about. I have made notes so you do not have to watch it. See comments at the end.

02:00 'flat earth' is a top search term. So what?
03:00 Presented by rapper ODD TV. So not a scientist.
04:00 Google ad says 'The Earth is flat'. No idea why. Maybe marketing thought it would get attention. Seems Youtube has lots of flat earth videos. I bet a lot of them are debunking the idea. Plus there are probably videos about 'bronies'.
06:30 The sun looks like it is moving relative to us. Well we do not feel like are on a moving thing as a plane does not feel like it is moving in smooth flight, so it might look that way. Also, it looks small from here. The size of the sun may be distorted by having its light pass though a lot of atmosphere near the horizon. There are some optical illusions related to this too.
07:15 Shows the sun bouncing off the horizon. I'll assume this in the far north in summer when the run does not actually set.
07:30 Dave Murphy (programmer and fireman, not a scientist). He talks about the way the sun's rays appear to diverge. If parallel lines are coming toward you they will do that. It is simple perspective. As they come from what is essentially a point source it is impossible for them to look parallel. They would trace back to empty sky.
09:00 Seems we need the flat earthers to tell us what the sun really is. Hundreds of years of study by scientists does not seem to have achieved that using all sorts of highly accurate instruments.
09:40 Mr Murphy shows how the sun is light a small light held above a table illuminating a patch. So why does the sun seem to go down to the horizon rather than moving away whilst still high up?
10:00 He says we would not be able to see the light once it passed over, but we can clearly see it from a dark part of his table. As the sun would have to be high enough to clear mountains and high flying planes we should be able to see it a long way off if the Eath is flat.
12:20 He talks about 'atmospheric lensing' which seems to accept that the appearance of the sun could change.
13:20 The Moon produces 'cold light'? Maybe the object blocking the moonlight is also keeping that area from losing heat. Anyone managed to create cold light artificially?
13:30 Can see stars through the Moon. So what is it made of? Holey cheese?
14:20 Professor R. Foster claims the Moon is made of plasma. Cannot find out what he was a scientist of. Does not explain persistent lunar features or tides.
15:00 Fake lunar landings. Hardly worth a comment. A lack of emotional display by astronauts is not compelling evidence of fakery. They were hard-boiled military men.
16:40 Johnny Giampapa (tattooist, not a scientist). Says NASA could take a picture from space of an Australian upside down. There is no 'up' on a globe or in space and they could invert the image anyway. So people 'down under' are not in danger of falling off the Earth.
18:00 Astronaut Don Pettit says he would go back to the Moon, but we 'destroyed the technology'. Well it needed the biggest rocket every made and we do not have that now. I think Elon Musk is looking to build one, but they do not come cheap. Getting to the Moon was largely about beating the Russians and once it was done the cost of repeating it was hard to justify. It does look like new lunar missions will happen soon, so we shall see how the flatties respond to those. No doubt they will claim fakery again, but maybe we will be able to see people on the Moon with telescopes.
18:40 Buzz Aldrin says "we didn't go there", but the full quote suggests he meant we did not go there since the old missions. Selective quoting can change apparent meaning, as can selective evidence.
19:10 Giampapa says water is 'magically attached to the globe'. So is everything else then. It is called gravity and is a very well understood physical principle. He also says 'outer space is a fantasy'.
22;00 'Bubbles in space'. Implies stuff is filmed in a pool, but any moisture that forms on their suits would freeze in a vacuum and might drift off. Call me sceptical on the fakery angle. If you see actual footage from the pools where they practice it looks very different. The footage that pupports to show astronauts on harnesses is not convincing either. Clothes will hang differently when there is no gravity and may sometimes give the appearance of there being straps that were edited out. This is carefully selected footage.
23:30 Space travel is amazing, but I am bewildered by the eyebrows of the young lady passing comment. What holds those up?
25:30 Some glitches on images from ISS. Maybe you will get some as you receive signals from something zooming around the planet. No system is perfect and I bet the flatties trawled through a lot of footage to find these.
27:00 Eddie Bravo (jiu jitsu instructor, not a scientist). Says all footage from space is CGI. Well some shots are impossible to record for real when making science shows and we have plenty of real stuff anyway. Where is the one image taken from high altitude to show a flat Earth?
30:00 Eddie does not believe in gravity. Says if it can hold the oceans, then why not a helium balloon? Those literally float on air like a boat floats on water by being less dense. Seems it does not work on butterflies either. He must be amazed by airplanes.
30:40 Gravity is explained by 'relative density'. So what defines 'up'? They are right about why things float though, apart from missing our that gravity is necessary. They say the textbooks were changed when NASA started, but earlier books on gravity are still relevant.
32:00 Wernher von Braun was responsible for some NASA engineering. He had the experience from the German V weapon rockets that the US and Russia wanted regardless of his political past. It gets a bit surreal and irrelevant around here to fill some time.
33:30 Santos Bonacci (musician/astrotheologist, not a scientist). Doubts evolution and says NASA run Disney. Seems Jesuits invented the globe in 1542. Why would they? Various cultures had worked out the world was not flat by then through astronomical observations. He says the planets are all lunimous bodies. That makes eclipses hard to explain. He says the constellations have not distorted over long periods, but given the distances involved we have not travelled far enough to make much difference. How would he explain all the observations made from ground based telescopes if he thinks those from space are fake? Why do we see different stars depending on whether we are north or south of the equator? The Earth moving at 66,600pmh suggests diabolical intervention to him. Dissing astrologers will not upset the scientists or help his case.
39:00 A mountain is visible 35 miles away, but that is from a plane. Being high up extends how far you can see. Atmospheric refraction may also extend it.
42:00 Talks to various pilots who say the Earth is flat, but then the curvature is not obvious unless you are really high up and maybe they meant it looks flat. Some of that seems to be have filmed surrepticiously, so I assume the pilots were not told the reasons for the questions, which may have been leading. Planes to not need to 'dip their noses' to follow the curvature. That is not how gravity works.
43:30 Astronatut Chris Hadfield says the world is 'flat gorgeous'. That is just an expression you can find elsewhere.
44:40 A flight manual says to assume the Earth is flat and non-rotating. That is to simplify the maths and would not cause significant errors for most cases. Will they show all the international flight corridors? For a flat Earth with the North Pole at the centre routes between southern locations ought to be much longer than those in the north.
47:00 Shows a 'crashed satellite' with a helium balloon attached. It seems remarkably undamaged. Maybe it was actually some instrumentation sent up on a balloon. That is a real and accepted thing. Look up Google's Project Loon. Balloons are cheaper than satellites, but it is harder to know where they will go.
47:20 Ah, they acknowledge that Project Loon exists. This does not mean balloons are doing all the high altitude work. Would we not see them up there? You can see satellites with a telescope and the ISS with the naked eye, as I have done.
50:00 Balloon launches done from Antarctica where we 'are not allowed to travel'. Has anyone tried? It is not the easiest place to get to anyway. My own ancestor Robert Falcon Scott died on his way back from the South Pole long before NASA built a wall.
51:20 Tanner Stewart (entrepreneur, not a scientist). Talks about the 'ice wall' that keeps the water in.
55:00 'You cannot make water stick the bottom of a ball'. This assumes that anyone is on the 'top'. Look up gravity.
56:00 Sceptic sends lots of questions to Neil deGrasse Tyson and does not get answers. I expect he has better things to do than debate nonsense.

So there was nothing here to change my mind. You need a very narrow mind to ignore all the evidence that we live on an oblate spheroid. The video makes out that NASA (or the Jesuits) are being the conspiracy, but it seems the Russians, Chinese and other space agencies are also in on it, despite being in competition with the US. They could have provided evidence to show it is flat. Not that most people would really care. On a local scale it is effectively flat.

NASA does get a lot of money, but much of that is for military purposes. I would be more concerned about that.

The conspiracy would have to extend to millions of:

  • Scientists of various kinds.
  • Astronomers in particular who have made lots of measurements and are able to predict various events based on a round Earth.
  • Meteorologists. The rotation of the Earth affects hurricanes and other storms.
  • Long distance pilots. They have to take the curvature into consideration.
  • Sailors who have navigated by the stars for centuries.
  • Radio amateurs. They have to bounce signals off the ionosphere to extend their range.
  • Architects. On really large bridges the tops of the pillars will be further apart than the bases.
  • The space industry is building thousands of satellites to send into space. They are not going on balloons. Many are in geostationary orbit which gives a some delay to signals.
  • Cartographers. There are map projections that show the North Pole at the centre, but others do not and these date back centuries. Distances and areas will be distorted on a flat projection.

If gravity does not exist then a lot of things are hard to explain. Newton's equations successfully predict lots of things and are used in all sorts of fields.

This video needed to find some more convincing proponents. Any scientist who had proof that we are not on a globe would get plenty of attention. Science is based on proof even if there are rivalries and powerful forces to surpress stuff that is unpopular.

I get that people want to have 'forbidden knowledge' and call others ignorant, but making stuff up by ignoring evidence is no way forward. The internet gives them exposure, but that does not mean they are right.


I missed this when it was fresh - I had to re-follow you (I don't recall unfollowing).
We are all scientists. The proof that we are not on a globe is the lack of proof that we are on a globe. The popularly accepted model of reality is easy to sell when every other explanation is ridiculed or suppressed.

But most people don't give a shit what shape the world is, so it's a lot of effort wasted on them. Do you really think millions of scientists are in on it from every culture?


They don't need to be in on it so much. There are levels of gullibility. Fooling people is a science of its own - don't be so dismissive.

Well it seems some people have really closed their minds to science and I shouldn't waste my time on them.

Science is never ending questions. If we disagree it is because questions are not answered.

Or because someone is wrong for whatever reasons...

I don't know how we can repay you for the lost hour in your life. I would send you some beer, pizza and popcorn, but I have no such power on Hive. If preferred, I can send you a globe instead, that would prove the world is round and not flat as I have never seen a flat globe in the shops. However, if it helps, I can also squash the globe to prove the flat earth theory. Flat packing it actually makes it easier to mail.

Inflatable globes give you a bit of each. I believe it is actually the globe makers who are behind it all. Either them or the Harlem Globetrotters. Plus, if the Earth is not a globe then how can the Nazis have a secret base inside it? Those flatties are missing a few tricks.

You got a point there.

I may have seen a spongey globe, that might work as well

According to scientists the globe is 🍐 shaped
I can’t blame people coming up with random conspiracy talk when our own governments haven’t shown a single photo. 🍐 shaped 🤣
If the powers that be were transparent we wouldn’t have PE to ole coming up with nearly as many crazy conspiracy theories. Just saying

Huh video removed. Can’t watch.

You are really not missing anything. Maybe they were embarrassed by it. I would be.

Now I really wanna see it 🤣

Thanks for doing this! I'm not sure if I could stand 1 hour of that lol

It's like they say: not every hero wears a cape :P


That's ignorance! This is real shape of the world, and it oddly reconciles flat earthers and globe earthers.

LOL. That raises a whole load more questions.

The earth is flat dude, get with the program 😂

I know you are kidding, but I get that it appears flat on a local scale and if people refuse to accept basic principles such as gravity then living on a sphere seems weird. This 'argument' was settled long ago and it's not really worth debating. I was just curious to see if they had any real case. They don't and if these were the best proponents they could find then that's sad.

Hahaha insane that you spent an hour wasting your time xD

Sometimes it's worth checking out the 'evidence' the 'sceptics' have. It was distinctly lacking. No credible sources.

Lass is danish and so am I. I have talked to him before. I just see it as bullshit.

But I admire your effort in watching the entire thing :p

Pretty obvious there trolling

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Are you sure it's not Lass? I don't think Lasse would believe in such twoddle.

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Did you say Lassie?


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I think you got trolled

 2 years ago 

He suckered you into watching that shit?

Sometimes you have to see how bad the shit is. As comedy it might be considered entertaining. They obviously spent some money on it, but they do their delusion no favours with some ridiculous claims.

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Name-calling is a low form of argument. Grow up!

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Gotta be a troll account. There’s actually some pretty convincing flat earth stuff. Not saying it’s true at all. Just saying there’s far more convincing videos then whatever was here before being removed by YouTube. Seems like a troll

Presented by a rapper. That would have got me to stop right there :O)

It seems a few rappers are into this delusion. Maybe it's just for the attention.

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Hive has some odd corners. We really do have all kinds of people.

Often those people are more right
Then anyone
But not this time
At least make a real presentation
I was extra open cause I’m still high on weed from 4am 🤣
But come on the guy needs to make some sort of Evidence presentation 🤷‍♀️

I think whoever thought that 'documentary' was good evidence was high on something.

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If that's the best you can do then you are on shaky ground. Some guys who have watched some carefully picked videos will not convince the world.

Funniest moments are the anti-Jesuit who criticises others astrologers (not a science) and the guy who asks why NASA can't take pictures of upside-down Australians. Oh, and the guy who offers a prize if you can make water stick to the underside of a ball. Are you sure it's not a parody?

I was reminded of a song on some kids' show years ago saying everything was the 'other way around' in Australia, e.g. cats chase dogs.

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The film is flat wrong I think you mean. Just saying stuff doesn't make it true even with fancy presentation. Some of the 'evidence' is laughable.

You can believe what you like. Just keep it to yourself and stop the name-calling. It doesn't help your credibility.

But respectfully that be heard in his argument done and you didn’t bring up much at all. I’m he moon landing was faked so like I said I’m open to anything

Bring me something and don’t be emotional like you were with Steevc. He won this round
It’s about keeping cool and having evidence
The person who’s right doesn’t always win

Like buddy just stop taking things personal!
You’ll be better at presenting
Imma gonna get high AF tonight
I wanna watch a debate ✌️

After checking the comments ya left
You literally brought nothing

Ignore my comment on being open
Unless you can bring actual evidence
And if I don’t change mind
Respect that but this world is not simply what we are told no matter the shape

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I’m not going in discord to hear peeps
Just like young opinions
If you send me the best one hour or less video of most of evidence I will honestly watch
If you can’t provide that when u are this emotional about topic then something is off
Send me a link

Funny that he keeps recommending Level when I already demolished it. No science there at all. If that is the best he can do then he needs to reconsider his options. I guess he has dug himself in too deep to accept he's wrong.

 2 years ago Reveal Comment

Bring evidence
Ya aren’t bringing much respectfully

I know NASA is corrupt AF
I’m open
Bring me evidence I will listen