STEM & SPORTS: What Do They Have In Common?

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Nerds and Jocks

Growing up has always been a difficult road to travel. A child looks to fit in when they begin their first day of school. It has been traditional, at least in my perception, to stereotypically place children into one of two groups:   the nerds and the jocks.

I am sure some reading this post are familiar with the Revenge Of The Nerds movies? What if there was a way to get athletic minded kids interested in the sciences and the more studious youngsters interested in sports? Well, it is happening all across the United States thanks to ground breaking curriculum provided by STEM Sports®!

STEM Sports® describes themselves in the following way.

STEM Sports® creates and provides turnkey K-8 educational curriculum, rooted in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards, that combines STEM disciplines with a variety of sports.

Now that sounds pretty interesting to me. Learning the science behind sports! So what type of sports are we talking about here?


STEM Sports® Program of Studies

Their are a number of study programs that are offered concentrating on a variety of athletics: STEM BMX, STEM Volleyball, STEM Basketball, STEM Soccer, STEM Football, and STEM Multi-Sport. A little something for everyone!

I, for one, wish that there was a program like this when I was in school. I was the kid that the nerds beat up!



STEM Sports® is located in Arizona and is partnered with a number of groups.

Arizona Tecnology Council Foundation
National Afterschool Association
Sport and Stem Alliance
USA BMX The American Bicycle Association
USA Volleyball

They have also partnered with many educators from coast to coast across the United States. If you are an educator and you have a further interest in the resources and support that STEM Sports® provides, you may visit their website by clicking the link below.


So now here is a very beautiful song about children as sung by the late Whitney Houston. My dad once told me,

Knowledge is power son.

So let us be sure to enpower the coming generation by instilling them with the importance of education in every aspect of their lives.


Hey Sarge, thanks for sharing this on #PYPT this morning....

It's an interesting concept. I used to have trouble with maths when I was at school... until I was given a project to do where I could find where maths worked in real life; I ended up looking at the logarithmic nature of the guitar neck, and that opened up the world of maths to me in a way that made sense (music).

Now if only we can somehow bridge the arts into it all too.... how good would our education system be where kids get to understand how cool learning about the world is?

Indeed. STEM affects every aspect of our life. I am not an academic, but find STEM to be a fascinating and very important part of education.

While the language and liberal arts are not to be dismissed, I am glad to see focus on STEM related subjects. I am glad that your math skills were much improved by their relation to your passion for music.

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This is actually a pretty good piece.

Wasn't aware such thing existed.

Thank you very much, I try! I was quite fascinated when I learned about this initiative, hence, the reason for me writing this short post. Thank you for your interest and compliment on this post. Have a great weekend!

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so in my own understanding sarge, to make a nerd revenge they should join a sports to make them physically healthy and they can't avoid being bullied. Steemsports is nice idea sarge,
thanks for sharing at #pypt

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