PROGRESS FEELS GOOD | Melbourne Beach, Florida #323

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My name's Seb, this is the Cam, and this is #SebCam. I'm running around the world, apparently... (I have nothing better to do) I started in London, and I'm going to Fiji, (near Florida) so I took the next flight to Miami. Turns out Fiji is nowhere near Florida. Dohhh. Now I'm running towards #HOLLYWOOD California 😁's a ridiculous idea and I wouldn't recommend it. I will pursue my dreams to go to Fiji.

When I'm tired, I sleep. When I'm hungry, I eat. I run 20 - 60 miles per day, carrying my house in a 35lb belt around my waist, uploading the daily vlog videos. I recharge my batteries (literally, and metaphorically ;) at any plugs I spot along my route. Many kind people feed me, and give me a place to sleep, this is all part of the #Journey.

In my real life #Superhero Batman Belt is a bug-proof camoflauge hammock, which I'm really comfortable sleeping in, between any two trees. I wear thru my shoes every couple of months, buy new ones and mail them to addresses ahead of me. The most frequently asked question is "what's the goal?" My immediate response is.... STAY ALIVE. Get to Fiji.

I just felt like running.

The next question, should naturally be.... WHY?! Coz I can. Coz I'm physically able to. Because I didn't always feel this energetic, and I don't even like running nor do I call myself a "runner". Im just a guy. I make videos. I was once sick and tired just like everyone else. I got so sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired that I began to question why do people get sick? Acid vs. Alkaline pH was the answer to this question, so I upgraded my nutrition choices to #Fruitarian...
(Fruits, Roots, Greens, Beans, Nuts & Seeds)

Since 2006/7 I have not been sick once; no cold, flu, headache, cough or sore throat, no sneezing, wheezing, not even a runny nose. I have found the cure for the common cold. It's a lifestyle, not a "diet"... and no-one wants to hear it. Feeling this invincible inspired me to become a Vegangelist preacher. I wanted everyone one else to feel this good, and leave the animals, birds and fish alone. The solution to all this suffering is a peace fruit.

#Vegan preaching to people about eating more bananas was like banging my head against a watermelon. I came to the conclusion that no one responds well to being told what to eat. So I'd have to get their attention another way. I had to do something they'd never seen before. Thru the only reliable method I know to work consistently; Monkey-see-Monkey-do.

So I document my life, I just run around, filming everything.... that's the business plan. I show whatever is happening, the camera is always on, and I have been filming myself everyday since 2004. All I have to do is push the button. The rest is history.

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