Why tires colour is black ????

in stem •  2 months ago 

Ever wondered why automobile tires are black ??

Have you ever seen a red, green or white tire for a car or plane or bike ??? Probably no !!!!

If we will talk technically ,black is not a color at all, then why the tires are still why black ?

Because they serve a special and very important purpose.

Let's understand the concept !!!

In fact tires are made up from rubber, which is white in color, but during the manufacturing process, a chemical is added as stabilizer called as " carbon black".

This makes the tire black in color.

Why does the engineer add carbon black to the tire manufacturing process ??

Because to get below advantages :

  1. It increases the reliability and durability of tyres.
  2. Addition of this, makes the tire strong.
  3. Tires get protected from the damaging effects of UV light and ozone. These two things contribute to the deterioration of the tire.
  4. Last, but not the least, black choice is preferred for cleaning purpose. Putting other colors will make it difficult to look clean. Other colors will always look dirty.
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