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haha, he looks seriously chuffed with himself. What a saving grace! Just takes a bit of knowledge and a lot of effort...and some teamwork hehe ...well done you two. Hubby and I play tag team on these kinds of things too hehe. I'm usually on youtube or reddit looking for solutions and reading them out to him...he puts them into action !LOLZ. So my hubby did a similar thing a couple of years back with one of our cars. The dealership said it was uneconomical to repair and would cost at least £1000 to open her up (they suspected a blown gasket due to all the smoke that suddenly started billowing out). They reckoned it would probably run to £3k by the end and given this is our older vehicle ...a 2004 model ... they were like...nah...give it up... and nudge nudge wink wink come and visit our sales team!!! ugh! anyhoo, we went to see if we could trade it in "as is" on another vehicle somewhere else! They offered us £600. Hubby was like noooo freakin way, I just put 4 new tyres on this thing. The tyres and the alloys alone are worth more than that. So he started digging in the engine, found a leak in one of the pipes, cleaned it up, and taped it (i kid you not!), then he pulled out the oil filter and washed it in dishwashing liquid, and left it to dry. Stuck it all back together again...literally 😂and she hasn't smoked since!!!♥️🙏😁 He loves that ol' car... an old Beemer... says he will run it until it dies a natural death haha. Clever hubbies we have, hey? 😂💗


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Oh gosh! I love that story! He taped it?!?!? That is the best. I usually start googling and youtube right away. I don't trust mechanics and car dealerships. I can't blame your hubby, especially if you just replaced tires. Our tires usually cost about $800 when we need to replace them. It is so funny and also annoying how they want to offer you pretty much nothing for your car! I still can't believe the washing and taping. I am still laughing. That is awesome. You should do a post just on that!

haha it was about 6 years ago and the BMW is still going strong

That is amazing. We plan on running ours "into the ground." Ours only has about 85k miles on it, and will hopefully be our last minivan. We need it to hold 6 kids, but they are slowly getting older, so in about 4 more years, we might be downsizing!