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Hello! Friends,
Safety is one of the things engineers don't joke with but you can be working with a supervisor that did not take safety serious. How do you cope with such supervisor?
You need to understand that, allowing a supervisor that doesn't care about safety with the task given to you, is like you allowing demand that will put you in harm's way or danger.

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Sometimes, a supervisor gets priorities skewed. There was a plant/factory experience about plant engineer that pushed the maintenance manager insisting that he should be carried out a maintenance schedule on a plant in very long hours just for the completion of the PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance) for the month. Yes, the maintenance manager obeyed until one day, the manager slept off why operating the machine because of the long hours he had spent, this made him suffered a serious injury.

There are many ways your supervisor can put you in an unsafe condition which can result in accident/injury on your part. Check out other ways:

  • Supervisor failed to talk on safety at work just because he believes employee will surely cut corners just a little.
  • Supervisor can encourage unsafe acts in order to close the schedule on time.
  • Supervisor may decide to jump method of solving a task and encourage the employee to rush through the job brief or preparatory work to solve the task.
  • Supervisor distraction to ask from time to time about the progress of the task.

Safety is key and the best supervisor will always put safety first and communicate the same to his subordinates. They take safety communication on high esteem with everyone around them.
There are time job schedule or pressure warrant some people to seek speed that simply isn't there and if the person seeking that pressure is a supervisor, it is possible he push his subordinates to that task and instructed him to find a way of executing the task within that period.
Allowing your supervisor to consider you as superman or a robot is like pushing yourself towards a potential hazard but I will say, pushing you is not a problem but your response.

I was once in this position before and when it's happened one way I do use to handle the situation before I understand the right way was to smile and agree to go faster and then go at my regular pace and at the end, the job is done but I will suffer body pains and so many other health issues can follow. One of my best supervisors considered this practice as passive-aggressive behavior and can lead to problems.

Best Way To handle Unsafe Act By Supervisor

Communicate is the best way to solve any issue. Engage your supervisor in conversation and make sure to keep it positive and non-threatening. The point is to confront the issue and not to engage in a personal conflict with your supervisor. You need to agree with the pressure on the ground but ask outrightly question "You care about my safety, right?"
With the attitude of attending to the task, make a comment of how do you think the task can be performed safely if I do as instructed?
The moment you sense argument on the way or you sense defensiveness from his response, just bring back the discussion to issue of safety. Winning an argument is never your concern rather safety.

When you dwell more on safety, mostly everyone does respond positively to this kind of respectful pushback but should in case your supervisor isn't one of those, remember your safety comes first, fight and get protected.

Safety First!


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this is so real, I have worked in a couple of engineering firms and they dont joke with safety, my last interview at nnpc , I was asked questions on safety and I heard they asked all the candidates questions of safety. I am a graduate of surveying and geoinformatics engineering.