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If you are using an Android operating system you may hardly understand the term update your smartphone.
It is not common and just the high end gets the frequent update to keep the device fresh.

It is a different scenario for iPhone users.
Constantly you get to update.
If you decide not to, you may lose some apps.
You wouldn’t believe a $1000+ apple product should be working like problem free.

Hard to swallow. I exchange an iPhone after a month due to glitches and over the air update.
Luckily I got a brand new one quick. Got to drive around for it but it was exchanged.

I am for the update and the reason is simple. There is something they are trying to fix.
In order to keep intruders out, they have to keep plugging the hole.

It reminds me of Windows getting update like crazy. Something got switch maybe.
Another advantage to update it is a way to improve and make good use to your phone.
Some people finds the updates as nonsense.
I am not sure Apple is losing sleep over them.

In reality it shows they want to keep the device ready to stay simple and easy to read.
You can set your updates to be automatic.
In the same token, iPad, watch, homepod, tvOS and even the old iPhone 5s and ipad of the same time of the year.

In general make sure you push for your updates so you can enjoy your Apple product with ease.

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