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If I get it right, they are not shutting down Intel based Mac.
I see the eco-system is getting to a point where Iphone, Ipad, Mac are all together
to amaze the end user.
Eventually All user of Iphone will switch to Mac.
Hoping the entry level price is affordable or they have a payment plan to get us all onboard


Yeah, I heard that they're still going to use Intel-based Macs for a while, at least until the transition period's over, and until they can extract the same amount of performance from those ARM chips as well. I think once we see ARM take over high-powered Mac Pro chips, then Intel's completely out of the Apple ecosystem.

There's certainly more unity in the design now, from iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and MacOS. Even Big Sur now has some iOS-like inspirations in the icon design and UI. I wonder if putting more touch-centric interface to the Mac would signal the start of Apple making a touch-screen Mac? That would be pretty radical! I guess it's possible for Apple to lower the price, since all of the chips are now in-house, but they're going to have to cover for all that R&D cost, so...

Looking at the WWDC this year and see the beauty and synergy going forward
I come to appreciate that my next computer would be a MAC.
So far the price range is still tilting backward for me.
I have seen a desktop valued at $5k so I see where we are heading.

Ah, I see where you're going with there. I guess there's definitely a premium to pay for Apple's products. But then again, they do have a fantastic after-sales support, reliability, and longevity to their products. There's also the fact that Apple hardware doesn't depreciate in value as quickly, so there's some justification to the premium. Still, it's no doubt a luxury item in tech, and it's the reason why I've not had the chance to experience that myself 💲