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Is it me or you got blown away by IOS 14 ?
Apparently there is nothing new under the sun.
Apple is good at copying another os and make it better.
I have to say presentation wise, it was stunning.
The WWDC 2020 is over 1 hour and half. I started to watch but I will finish later.
Apple has a way to present his fan base with ways that can whoa you even though
Android did offer this kind of new widgets before.

The widget part is not new. I have to give it to them.
They make widget like it is 2020. IF you are fan base of Apple products,
do not show off in front of Android fans. They know what their phone can do.
Their main problem, their phone tend to freeze where Iphone barely freeses.
The widget part is so neat you have to respect the timing and effort they put behind it
so the end user can enjoy all the way.



When you receive a phone call it will show as a notification for Ipad and Iphone. This one is really nice and very welcoming.
The reason Apple products are well respected cause they have a close system and they run their company well.
It is really hard to leave Iphone and go to Android unless it is for a business decision.
Even once the Ceo of Google was caught using Iphone.
I like when people who should use Android are posting on twitter with Iphone.


Personally I do not see anything out of this world with any new IOS.
It is more refined. Less clutter. One of the new update will arrange all applications together
from how I use them.
I was doing that two years ago cause I tend to forget and even use all my 200 applications.
Change is what make the company moving and I will welcome it and use it.
Iphone is a small device so I need to do what I have to do and move on.
What feature you are so happy for ?


A lot of the stuff here is familiar with Android, and the jokes go on. I've never got into the Apple ecosystem, but it's always intrigued me. The level of refinement, with how intuitive and seamless everything works seems quite amazing. Personally thought, I'm more interested with what Apple has got going in the Mac side of things, with Big Sur, and now their move into putting ARM chips into their PCs. Just imagine all that battery life, power, and optimisation!

If I get it right, they are not shutting down Intel based Mac.
I see the eco-system is getting to a point where Iphone, Ipad, Mac are all together
to amaze the end user.
Eventually All user of Iphone will switch to Mac.
Hoping the entry level price is affordable or they have a payment plan to get us all onboard

Yeah, I heard that they're still going to use Intel-based Macs for a while, at least until the transition period's over, and until they can extract the same amount of performance from those ARM chips as well. I think once we see ARM take over high-powered Mac Pro chips, then Intel's completely out of the Apple ecosystem.

There's certainly more unity in the design now, from iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and MacOS. Even Big Sur now has some iOS-like inspirations in the icon design and UI. I wonder if putting more touch-centric interface to the Mac would signal the start of Apple making a touch-screen Mac? That would be pretty radical! I guess it's possible for Apple to lower the price, since all of the chips are now in-house, but they're going to have to cover for all that R&D cost, so...

Looking at the WWDC this year and see the beauty and synergy going forward
I come to appreciate that my next computer would be a MAC.
So far the price range is still tilting backward for me.
I have seen a desktop valued at $5k so I see where we are heading.

Ah, I see where you're going with there. I guess there's definitely a premium to pay for Apple's products. But then again, they do have a fantastic after-sales support, reliability, and longevity to their products. There's also the fact that Apple hardware doesn't depreciate in value as quickly, so there's some justification to the premium. Still, it's no doubt a luxury item in tech, and it's the reason why I've not had the chance to experience that myself 💲

it is hard to always put something new, especially if you have to do it each year

The issue every year is to purchase a new Iphone
the adaptation to the IOS is seamless.
They make you want to do it, FOMO

Even once the Ceo of Google was caught using Iphone.

This is so funny.

I dont use an iphone so i really don't know much.

Many people pushing Android were caught posting on twitter
with Iphone. I have to tell you looking at a Samsung S20, or One plus, etc.
I can see where they beat Iphone, but Apple ecosystem from A-Z is what keep them in business.
Have you checked their stock lately?

If you go Iphone way
you may not go back.
Iphone is so easy to navigate and do what you do everyday with ease.
The real problem out there is the price to get Iphone 11 pro MAX.
That is the real problem

Apple's publicity and packaging is massive. the hype around apple is too much but that is business. The price of iphone is actually too high compared to android. the equivalent of that price for android will do a better job than apple

Hum ! The new Samsung Galaxy are priced just like Iphone.
So far the hardware looks better than Iphone but the actual OS
is what differentiate Apple to all Androids out there.
Got to tell you Iphone is on a pedestal by itself.

Got to tell you Iphone is on a pedestal by itself.